Ohayon Led ICRAVE Forges Iconic Foodservice Design/Build Portfolio

Junior's Restaurant Times Square Broadway ICRAVE John Celli

ICRAVE is a well-respected and recognized experience design and development consulting firm. Clients implement ICRAVE’s services at various stages of their businesses. Some clients seek ICRAVE’s expertise early on to help develop strategies for the future, while others may want to reinvent or rejuvenate their existing models. ICRAVE specializes in adding another dimension to businesses that engages the consumer and enhances customer experience.

Lionel Ohayon leads the ICRAVE team. Graduating from the University of Waterloo School of Architecture in 1994, his thesis project, ‘Where we Work, Where we Live, Where we Play,’ offered an early insight into his future plans. His path began well ahead of college, however. He knew he wanted to be an architect since the age of six. “I was fortunate to have many real teachers in my life. In each phase of my life, I had teachers that had a tremendous impact on me, and I remember them to this day,” Ohayon explained.

Ohayon recognizes the fact that both design and experience have an elevated importance in today’s businesses. More and more owners and operators are realizing that a good design yields better business results. When looking at a raw space, Ohayon considers a variety of different elements. “I think about experience. I’m a storyteller. When I look at a project, I think about what kind of interactions may inform new ideas. I’m always comfortable and enthusiastic about trying new things in new and unexpected projects,” said Ohayon.


When working on a project, ICRAVE engages the client. In order to successfully execute a client’s vision, their involvement and participation is crucial. “A client’s input is critical to our project’s success. We want our clients engaged, and invite them in to participate in all aspects of the creative process. The client will live with the outcome longer than us, so they need to be fully vested in the process,” Ohayon stated.

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Ohayon and ICRAVE have worked with John Celli’s team in the past. Together, ICRAVE and Celli’s team have shared great achievements on previous collaborations. “The John Celli Custom Furniture team is comprised of true professionals. They know their product and understand that the product extends beyond food, and encompasses the total experience of a brand. That’s what makes them so good,” Ohayon said.

Ohayon has developed an exceptional group of people at ICRAVE. He takes a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to building a team. In fact, his approach to team building reflects his passion for the business. “Have no fear. Have faith in the people around you, and allow them to express their own creativity and help to shape good ideas into great ones by challenging the unexpected. We believe that you will never get an ‘A’ if you’re afraid of getting an ‘F’,” said Ohayon.

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