NJ’s Purse Perch Debuts Innovative Solution To Maximize Customer Dining Experience

The inspiration for the Purse Perch started out as a simple annoyance when dining out. However, when vacationing in Mexico, Richard Spindler and his friend Victor and their wives noticed in every restaurant that a stand or a perch was placed near the table on which women placed their handbags.

“We were all enthused at being able to secure our personal things, totes, handbags, hats on it and then being able to enjoy a meal unencumbered,” he recalls.  “When you go out with your wife or a girlfriend, the first thing they worry about is where to put their handbag.  What do I do with it; do I put it on the floor?  The back of the chair?  The table itself?  On my lap?”

Spindler said they noticed this perch everywhere they went.  “And my wife was beating me on the head, saying, ‘why have we never seen this in the U.S.?’  We went to Paris six months later and supposedly it’s a sophisticated city.  We didn’t see a purse perch anywhere, in any restaurant, no matter the price point.  I was scratching my head, I couldn’t believe this.  Here, in the height of elegance and sophistication, there is nothing like a purse perch that caters to a woman’s comfort and security,” he says.

The Purse Perch was born.

At first Spindler and his friend visualized this as a hospitality piece and as a furniture accessory.  “We saw it in Mexico and felt that the hospitality piece has to be the primary target in the U.S.,” Spindler notes.  “But we found that it has multiple targets.”

“Primarily it is restaurants and hotels, yes.  But secondary markets exist.  In Mexico, there’s a major department store that’s like the Macy’s of Mexico and next to their furniture department they had an area 10 ft. by 30 ft. that housed these perches of various designs and materials, being sold direct to the consumer as a home product for organizing in the home.  Another target market is beauty supply, women going to salons, and what do they do with the handbags?”

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“But there’s more to this than just convenience.  A study done by Fox News in 2006, came out with an analysis of where women placed their handbags:  on the floor in a restaurant or a restroom. And the results of the tests showed that 1 out of 4 had E.coli bacteria from putting them on the floor.  Then, that handbag is brought home, placed on a kitchen counter, a chair, or a bed,” he states.

Spindler points out that handbags are very important to most women.  “A very personal accessory that holds anything that’s relevant for every day that a woman goes out.  On top of that, handbags are a status symbol.  So, they sell for ridiculous amounts of money today, and women are very concerned about where they secure their handbags.”

Most dining tables are about 29 inches high, and The Purse Perch stands at 42 ½ inches.  “So it’s approximately 13 inches higher than the table,” he describes the item’s convenience.  “It does not interfere with the waiter coming to the table because, if you have a table of 4 to 6 people, one purse perch does it.  You simply put it between two of the chairs that are occupied.  There’s about 18 inches between chairs in a restaurant and in that space you can hang multiple handbags.  It doesn’t affect either of the two people sitting there. The waiter has the rest of the table to comfortably serve, take dishes away, etc.  It doesn’t obstruct anyone’s view because it’s a foot out from the table.  You can even put it between two of the inside chairs.  It becomes even more secure.”

Spindler says he came out with a slogan for The Purse Perch, “The comfort of security. When you go into a restaurant, you’re going in for the total experience, which is that you didn’t want to cook at home, you want to be served, you want to be comfortable, you want to feel like the king and the queen.  This allows you the initial reaction of, ‘Oh, I like this place, I’m not holding a purse, a hat, and I’m comfortable here.  I can enjoy the atmosphere, I can enjoy the food.’  Your belongings are secure, you’re at ease.  You can enjoy the restaurant, you can enjoy the meal.”

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