New Website Launched

New Website Launched,, Offers Clothing and Tools Designed by Chef Alex McCrery, and Made in New York City.

Tilit Chef Goods launched its online retail store this week offering an improved alternative to the way cooks and chefs dress. The line of kitchen and restaurant workwear is designed by New York City-based chef Alex McCrery, and manufactured in Manhattan.

Constructed of durable materials like canvas and waxed cotton, the tailored clothing line incorporates contemporary street style. Details such as welted pockets on the waxed cotton aprons display an attention to design not previously available in kitchen wear. A concise group of tools has also been sourced to complement the clothing line and includes hand-carved cherry wood spoons, Japanese shears, and a foraging knife.

Of his new line of chef clothes and tools, McCrery says, “Finally, there is an option for chefs who take their appearance as seriously as they do their craft.” will also engage the cooking community with a board for sharing kitchen mishaps, and a glimpse of how popular chefs eat in their off time. “I am more excited about what this site has to offer than I've been of any new discovery in the kitchen.”

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McCrery, a chef for 16 years, is private chef to the Seinfeld family in New York. Previously he worked at Commander's Palace, Aureole, and Antonucci, where he had the opportunity to cook at the James Beard House.