New Seat Check App Promises To Eliminate Restaurant Wait Time And Encourage Socializing

Seat Check App

An Atlanta based startup promises to eliminate the long wait times at the restaurant by encouraging its users to share their table.

Seatcheck AppSeat Check, is a mobile app that went live on the App store a few weeks ago. Seat Check provides its users the ability to:

  • Share empty seats on their table
  • Skip the long wait time
  • Meet someone new
  • Network and Socialize

“My husband and I eat out about three to four times a week,” said Seat Check Co-founder and CEO Shahzeen Rehman. One time at our favorite restaurant, we were waiting for the table for almost an hour. We saw that most tables were only 50% occupied. So we thought, why can’t we just join the people who are already sitting there? We asked a customer who was already seated inside the restaurant if he would be okay with sharing his table with us. To our delight and surprise, he agreed. We had our meal, made a new friend, and Seat Check was born.

The inspiration was to create a product that solves the problem of long wait times at the restaurant and become a win-win for both restaurants and the diners. With social media being the core of our social life, a food-related app that helps us meet new friends (or even a potential bae) is a solid win.

Seat Check is unlike any other app. In fact, it’s the first of its kind that allows users who are already sitting in a restaurant to share the empty seats at their table with people in the area who are looking to grab a seat. Seat Check appeals to a wide audience. Whether it’s eat without waiting, don’t want to eat alone, or want to meet someone new, SeatCheck offer a solution. For the restaurants operators, Seat Check help increase revenue by accommodating more people on the same table at the same time.  Servers also benefit by make more per table.

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Seatcheck AppThe science behind the matching is pretty simple. A diner accesses the app and posts a listing that includes restaurant location, number of seats available, and the length of time they intend to stay. The listing can be viewed by people in the area, and users can review the diner’s profile before making a request to join them. Users are matched once the diner accepts the request.

“We hope that with this app, people will no longer want to wait in line or eat alone because they can be sure to meet someone new in a very safe environment”, says Rehman.

Seat Check is conceptualized and built in Atlanta, GA. More than 50 restaurants in Atlanta have signage to promote Seat Check and the new firm is growing rapidly and planning an expansion in other cities throughout the U.S.

For more information on the Seat Check app, restaurant operators can visit their website.