New Realities Of Water At Your Metro New York Food Service Operation

Foodservice operators need to rethink how to make sure their water is clean, safe and good tasting for customers.

There’s a lot of moving parts and I want to help you make sense of just how water impacts so many segments of your operation.  From washing dishes to serving a great cup of coffee to getting the most out of that new combi oven, my goal is for you to rethink how you look at the quality of water.

I remember being at a hotel bar with some friends and one commenting, “This place could use your filters.  The drinks really taste like chlorine.”  It wasn’t coming from the water but from the glass, leftover residual on it from a low-temperature machine with a chlorine-based process.

Low-temp machines are amazing. They have revolutionized dishwashing. But my point is if you are going to use them, you need to understand how water works with them. They clean differently.  A lot of operators use a machine because their chemical guys give them the machine and sell chemicals into it.  It’s safe, it’s disinfected, but it’s not necessarily something you want to eat or drink out of without the proper filtration.

So I have a solution to maximizing the efficiency of the low-temp machine utilizing water filtration and at the same time ensuring food safety.  Our Endurance filter line offers a simple solution. With either our “fine” or “ultra-fine” models you’ll be able to accomplish the goal as a result of the 50 gallons a minute capacity.  Endurance SC, our other model in this product line, has ultra fine filtration and it’s self-cleaning.  It has that ultra fiber membrane that cleans itself.

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We have a client who’s putting in a glass washer and is worried about having to polish the spots out of his glasses because he’s using a low-temperature machine.  We showed him how with the right filter, he would have to clean the glasses he needs.

It’s hard to believe but the needs of a New York City operator and a New Jersey restaurateur are not going to be the same.

One client is opening a new coffee bar in Manhattan and New York City water tends to be very clean, very little mineral content. A lot of people say New York doesn’t have enough minerals in the water for a good cup of coffee, it’s only 55 parts per million (ppm) of dissolved solids. The client wanted it up above 180, so we used our Endurance system to accomplish his goal.

We have found that operators are getting more and more particular these days. Starbucks or McDonald’s or convenience stores like Wawa, they’re coming in and saying, this is the quality we want, we sell a hugh volume of coffee so we want the highest quality. We help them get there.

The other benefit from our solutions is the energy conservation and savings that you will realize.  It takes two gallons of water to make one gallon, and one gallon is waste.  With the MRS600, for every gallon you make, you only send one quart down the drain.

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Brian Madden is a New Hyde Park , NY native. The Western Connectcut University graduate has built a reputation as one of the nation’s leading experts on water filtration. In his current post with Pentair, he is handling sales in the Northeast. Madden’s career includes successful stints with Pepsi in Las Vegas, Metro NY with Hoshizaki as well as being deployed by Pentair to China.