New Metro Design is Bringing Innovative Products to Consumers and Chefs

New Metro Design

The culinary product industry is and has been one of the most competitive markets in our economy. There are tons of new products being released which are meant to make a chef’s life easier, not to mention all the little gadgets that your average Joe will buy for their kitchen. New Metro Design has made a real name for themselves in this market by coming out with multiple innovated and incredibly popular products. Total Food Service got to sit down with Bob Trinque the Vice President of New Metro Design to find out who they are and what’s next.

New Metro Design is only eight years old and is known for a variety of their incredibly popular products but the one that really put them on the map is the original Beater Blade.New Metro Design You have probably seen this product at one time or another but essentially it is an attachment that scrapes the inside of your mixing bowls for Cuisinart, Kitchen Aid, and Hobart. Aside from the Beater Blade, New Metro Design is the company behind the incredibly popular Angry Mama product line. Angry Mama is really just a cute cleaning gadget for your home but this little figure has sold well over a million pieces so far and is the number one kitchen gadget right now. Angry Mama is simply a little figurine that you place in your microwave to clean all the crud in the microwave. New Metro Design prides itself on its products’ simple functionality.

“It is fun stuff. But it all works. There’s not a product we have that doesn’t work better than most others out there. Or, there’s nothing out there like it. So, we’re always trying to find things that are proprietary,” said Trinque.

Amongst New Metro Design’s product line was the hidden gem we were looking for, the Aus-Ion cookware line. This cookware line is becoming incredibly popular with chefs and consumers alike. Aus-Ion is basically modernized cast iron. The most important aspect of Aus-Ion is the weight differential, it is half the weight of cast iron. For anyone who cooks with cast iron, the weight of the pan can outweigh the flavor it provides, NMD has solved this with its new line of Aus-Ion pans and skillets. NMD has now extended the line with everything for a 7″ to 12″ width skillets, two sized woks, a grill pan, and a flaming grill pan.

Cast Iron has always been known for long time reliability with a high-level maintenance and a heavy weight. If you were to drop cast iron on a rock or anything like that, there would be a large chance of a crack. Aus-Ion is indestructible, half the weight, and has a beautiful design. So New Metro Designwhat makes Aus-Ion so much different and how is it created? “It’s the same exact composite as cast iron, except the steel pans are rolled, it’s rolled steel with the same makeup as cast iron, and cast iron is poured. Steel is indestructible where cast iron isn’t,” said Trinque. It’s all iron, it’s just iron in a different form. In this case, it takes the shape of rolled cast iron opposed to molded cast iron.

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Aside from Angry Mama and the Aus-Ion, New Metro Design has a wide range of incredibly functional products like their Pouring Chute, Steamer Basket, Multi-Strainer, Chilly Mama, MixerMate, PocketBottle and the Yolk-O-Mizer. With distribution locations all over the United States, New Metro Design is a modern company with a refreshingly functional product line. NMD’s staff is spread out all over the United States with people in New York, offices in Pennsylvania, and with warehousing in San Diego. New Metro Design shows that the virtual modern office works. New Metro Design products can now be found in just about every major distributor from Amazon to Chefs Resource.

To learn more about New Metro Design, visit their website.