New And Improved Pearl App Expands; Adds Seafood To The Menu

Pearl, the definitive seafood app using the web and mobile technology to connect restaurants and diners in an innovative way, today announced that it is expanding its very popular oyster app to include all seafood.

With the expanded Pearl App, restaurants can easily maintain up-to-date menu information about their seafood offerings, which diners can seamlessly access through the app. For over a year, the Pearl app has enabled lovers of oysters to discover, research, favorite, and locate bivalves at over 300 restaurants nationwide, and now consumers can use Pearl to do the same for all categories of seafood. 

New And Improved Pearl App Expands; Adds Seafood To The Menu (PRNewsFoto/Pearl)
New And Improved Pearl App Expands; Adds Seafood To The Menu (PRNewsFoto/Pearl)

“We saw through our oyster app that the interaction between consumers and restaurants is undergoing a profound change. Diners, particularly millennials, increasingly demand to know more about the seafood they eat, while digital technology allows us to help bridge the gap between stale data (PDF’s) and consumers eager for instant access to accurate restaurant dishes through using our easy to navigate and visually enticing mobile platform,” said Sam Asher, CEO of Pearl. “Pearl aims to create an environment for consumers to find, understand, and share the seafood they love, both at home and on the road.”

As a menu management platform, Pearl does the heavy lifting for restaurants, helping to update their menus and making them available for instant and easy access on its platform. The “PearlFeed”, a new feature available on the app, works alongside Instagram to aggregate dish level information and recent restaurant activity based on a user’s location. For example, if a consumer just landed in Boston and is interested in dining on lobster, Pearl will not only tell that consumer where best to find it, but by the time they arrive at the table, they will be provided with a complete overview of the restaurant as well as the lobster itself.  Pearl’s seafood glossary is an expansive educational tool that provides a range of information on varieties of seafood, such as nutritional value, source, sustainability, and environmental impact. When users “check in” at restaurants, they have the opportunity to share their seafood dining experiences with other users.

“Pearl not only gives consumers access to seafood dishes at restaurants, but also features a comprehensive guide to help “demystify” seafood, enabling consumers to eat based on their personal preferences, whether based on taste, nutrition, or sustainability,” added Asher. “Restaurants can also leverage the platform to communicate to diners more effectively, whether about a special new dish or through social media via the app. Pearl works closely with restaurants to help personalize their communication to consumers allowing chefs and restaurateurs to focus on what they do best.”

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Originally debuted in New York City, Pearl has expanded to cover cities like Seattle, Boston, San Francisco, Miami, Dallas, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Austin.

“Pearl is one the best apps on the market for seafood lovers,” said David Burke, chef and restauranteur. “Thanks to smart phones, consumers are not only becoming more knowledgeable about seafood; they want to learn more about what the restaurant actually has to offer in their area. This app is an incredible solution for both.”

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About Pearl

Sam Asher conceived and started Pearl in his studio apartment in New York two years ago.  What started as a seed-funded idea about how diners behave in an increasingly information-driven society has become a validated hypothesis, complete with a business model, product strategy, growth plan, and team. Pearl has evolved to help restaurants get information about their menus out to diners, working directly with them, shaping its vision for the future based off of real feedback. Pearl’s mobile-based platform serves to educate consumers and create awareness and availability of the food people want. Pearl’s technology helps restaurants be more transparent about product availability and gives consumers access to better information. For more information about Pearl visit