MRG and SkyFlo Set Nov 5th For NYC Demo With Chance To Win Viking Range


When you see a soda dispenser in 90% of the bars and taverns IN THE WORLD, it’s Wunder-Bar. Wunder-Bar’s flexible hose post-mix dispenser is the world gold standard. For over forty years, Wunder-Bar has been solving problems for the food and beverage industry. Since the 1970’s, Wunder-Bar’s liquor dispensing systems have been the standard by which competitive companies attempt to reach.

Once again, Wunder-Bar has taken on one of the industry’s most complex challenges.  With the company’s SkyFlo system, finally, it’s possible to control liquor costs, allow your bartenders to make friends with their customers and make more money! Industry research shows that your bar loses 4 to 10 drinks from each liter bottle you pour.  Skyflo will enable the nightclub and bar professional to stop losing money and start increasing profits.

“Skyflo allows restaurant and bar owners to increase liquor profits by as much as 50%,” noted Alex Brady the General Manager of Skyflo’s local representative: MRG Inc. “Our state of the art technology automatically ‘beams’ the liquor pour information wirelessly to the Skyflo computer based liquor management system.  This allows you to view and manage up to the minute bar activity from your computer or mobile device 24/7.”

Brady and his team are set to host a demo of the system for the Metro New York restaurant, nightclub and bar communities on Thursday November 5th at Redeye Grill. “How accurately can you free-pour a liquor drink and how close can you get to your standard house pour.  Everybody who attends the VIP event will demo the Skyflo system and at the same time compete for the grand prize.  The closest pour winner will be awarded a Viking Range 36″ Ultra-Premium Gas Grill valued at over $1,800.00 shipped to the location of your choice.

“We wanted a unique way to share the SkyFlo story,” Brady noted.  “So rather than a lengthy email please come join us and experience the revolutionary Skyflo technology while enjoying a cocktail and hors d’oeuvres.”

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“We are limited to 50 guests so a prompt response will allow everybody to have a chance to actually have a ‘hands on’ with the system,” Brady added. “We want our Redeye Grill guests to see how accurately you can free-pour a liquor drink.  Most importantly, how close can you get to your standard house pour?” Brady added.

Come test your bar pouring skills and learn how our product can increase your bar profits by 50%.

Skyflo VIP Event Date:
Thursday, November 5, 2015, 2pm-4pm

Skyflo VIP Event Location:
Redeye Grill, 890 7th Avenue (btw 56th & 57th), New York, NY  10106

For more information or to RSVP, contact Joan Brady at or 516-724-0644