Mopro Merges Quality Video And Social Media For Restaurants

Cary Levine is working hard to make his dream come true. His biggest hope? That his company can demystify technology for small businesses everywhere.

The CEO and founder of Mopro, a business set up to teach entrepreneurs not to be scared of the digital world, has created a company that helps them use it, instead, to increase customers and sales through their online presence. He notes that foodservice professionals in particular can benefit from this.

“Small business owners, like restaurant operators, risk it all to create something they’re passionate about,” Levine says.  “Whether it’s a 100-year-old family business, or a first start-up, our clients want to tell their story online, but technology is very scary to them.  There’s no affordable solution and you have to be a computer scientist to have a website.  It’s not what you’re about.”

That’s where Mopro comes in.  The firm has created a software platform that sets up and manages a restaurant’s digital presence — Web site, social media channels, e-commerce, tracking – to show everything that’s said about them online, their competitors, and then to analyze it, all in one clear, user-friendly portal.

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“Instead of hiring 10 companies for handling your digital media, it’s one dashboard,” says Levine.  “As long as you can remember your email and password, you can control your entire online presence.  The greatest part of it is that, if you don’t want to handle it, we take that industry data and make it easy for you to understand and digest it. Think of it as one person in America, walking you through your entire online process, making it beautiful, being proactive, ahead of what’s happening in your industry – and you don’t have to do a thing.”

Why is this important for foodservice operators?  “Having a gorgeous Web site that’s responsive is number one for restaurants today,” Levine says.  “Let’s face it.  Business is very competitive.  You need a differentiator.  Every restaurant has a story.  But unless you tell it in a simple, attractive, compelling way, it doesn’t matter.  We tell the story.  We create the system.  We put it all together – social media, e-commerce, usage analysis.  We handle everything.  We protect their reputation online.”

Restaurant owners no longer have to log in and check out what people are saying about them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Instagram and hundreds of other social media channels.  Mopro does it all for them, from creating the video to tell their story, to tracking who visits their Web site, to posting information about their restaurant and industry trends, to what customers are saying about them, to what competitors are doing, all combined in one portal.

To increase a restaurant’s online presence, Mopro gets them listed on 43 different local search sites and social media channels. “We host for them, post for them 5 days a week, syndicate the information through 13 social media channels.  It’s like having your entire digital content department in-house,” Levine points out.

The company provides all these services along with one command center where users can control it all.  “You can track everything that happens on the Web site, you can even directly engage with customers from the dashboard. You don’t have to remember five different passwords, one for Facebook, one for Twitter, and so on.  It’s one place where you can see anything that’s mentioned about your business, negative or positive.  We
also have a competition tracker that follows any competitor to see what’s being said about them, and how you’re stacking up against them,” says Levine.  “You can even respond directly from that dashboard.”

One thing that’s very important for foodservice operators is timeliness. “When you create a Web site, you want it live immediately,” he adds. “We’re rolling out a program now where, within 7 days, you see a live prototype of your Web site.  We have a 24-hour development cycle, around the clock, with our employees working continuously.”

Hundreds of foodservice suppliers have also jumped on the platform, Levine says.  “We have huge names in the industry who’ve been around for 50 to 100 years and start-ups, too, taking advantage of different parts of the product.”

Levine says his team spent three years building the platform that connects everything, and that it was only launched 13 months ago, at the National Restaurant Association trade show in Chicago.

“Technology as an industry cannibalizes itself faster than almost any other industry out there,” Levine says.  “That’s why the average restaurateur is terrorized.  Anyone you want to do business with looks you up online to see what you – or anyone else says about your restaurant. We manage the role you have in that conversation.”

You don’t have to have a master’s in computer science to create a Web site anymore, Levine says. The demystification of technology is his company’s mission. “Business owners power our economy and we want Mopro to power business owners,” he says.  “We want small business owners to get those warm fuzzies.  We want to get them excited about their digital presence.”

For more information on Mopro, visit their website.