Monthly Maintenance Know-How with Malachy Parts & Service

You have a commercial kitchen you want to keep in peak condition. We know how important cooking equipment is to your bottom line. So we’re tackling some of the most important kitchen maintenance issues by delivering exclusive monthly videos with our friends at Malachy Mechanical offering the insights and tips you need in to stay in the know.

While restaurant owners spend a lot of time thinking about equipment purchases, the monthly maintenance needs of that equipment are often an afterthought — until that piece of equipment goes down. If you’ve been neglecting routine restaurant kitchen maintenance, it may be only a matter of time before this oversight costs you valuable time and hard earned money.

Think of it this way: You don’t ignore monthly maintenance on your vehicles, so why would you take a different approach when it comes to protecting your commercial kitchen equipment?

Implementing a proactive preventative maintenance plan for your kitchen equipment can help minimize stress and maximize your investment over the long run.

In our first episode, Rich Farrell of Malachy Parts & Service discusses the importance of “Information and Communication”. Your oven, ice maker, or steamer is down. You call your service provider to come fix it. “Not Working” is too vague. Is there an error code or intermittent problems? The first component is reactive maintenance workflow. What happens when a commercial repair is needed? Who needs to know? Who is in charge of handling it? Where do you track the information? The more information your service provider knows about your issue at hand, they better you’ll be. Here’s how to assess the situation in an efficient timely fashion to save you money and time. The better you prepare for a monthly maintenance situation, the faster you will get your restaurant back to its full operating condition. Watch now.

About Malachy Parts & Service: Malachy Parts & Service started nearly 3 decades ago.  In 2012, the company operations was handed over to Richard Farrell Jr., the next generation of Malachy Parts & Service. The relationships with manufacturers, manufacturers reps, dealers, customers and their employees is what is thrusting the company forward. Richard Farrell Jr. believes in people first.  That is what the future is being built on. From small “ma and pa” shops to national chains, school districts, prisons and hospitals, MPS repairs, maintains and installs commercial kitchen equipment wherever food is being prepared. To learn more, visit:

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