Milea’s Expertise in Refrigerated Trucks and Maintenance Is Helping Food & Beverage Businesses

Milea Truck Sales

Finding the right truck solution for the food and beverage professional has always been a challenge for Metro New York’s industry professionals. However, with forty years of experience in commercial truck sales and leasing, Milea Truck offers a complete line-up of truck solutions.

Milea Truck SalesIn a recent interview, Milea Director of Commercial Truck Sales, Michael Sanfilippo outlined the company’s rise to the top in a highly competitive business. “We opened in 1980 and we immediately began to focus on the food & beverage industries because of our location next to the Hunts Point Food market,” noted Sanfilippo. “We started to specialize in refrigerated box truck sales and service in order to fit the needs of our customers”.

The Bronx based firm, has decades long relationships with Volvo, GMC, Hino, Isuzu, Mitsubishi Fuso, and Crane Carrier. This allows the company to sell its customers everything from a light-duty GMC cargo Van all the way up to a heavy-duty Volvo Tractor. Due to the volume of trucks Milea sells they are able to regularly offer some of the best deals in the market for its customers.

According to Sanfilippo, the sales and leasing process at Milea begins with a comprehensive assessment of the potential customer’s needs. “We work with customers to give them a truck that is perfectly suited for the cargo they carry and the area they operate,” Sanfilippo said, who represents the third generation of ownership at Milea.

Michael explains how Milea prioritizes service, and considers it’s their main business driver. “We understand that first and foremost we are in a service business.  We know that if your truck is down that your business stops. We know that if we service your truck properly, you will be a customer for life. That is why our customer base has been so loyal.”

Milea views its family ownership as a strength of the company. “Where we separate ourselves from our competition is we have established a reputation of direct customer service at the ownership level for any matters related to sales, service or parts,” Sanfilippo stated.

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Milea’s understanding of the industry has moved them to prioritize full maintenance lease agreements. “Operating and maintaining trucks can be a full-time job. Many companies today choose to do a full maintenance lease because it lowers the cost of ownership and takes the burden of proper maintenance off your shoulders. Our goal is to focus on keeping your truck running while you focus on your business.”

The Milea full maintenance lease brings unique peace of mind to the Tri-State Area foodservice professional. It covers all preventive maintenance, repairs, roadside assistance, and replacement trucks are included in a set price determined at the start of the lease. Traditionally, the purchase of a truck brought with it the challenge of finding a mechanic that could keep a fleet running. “We have built a team of Certified technicians that are responsible for properly servicing your truck on a regular basis that have been trained by the manufacturers”, Sanfilippo noted.

Sanfilippo stated that a full maintenance lease results in less downtime due to preventative maintenance. “They change the oil, filters and grease, and put your truck through a 50-point inspection to detect potential problems before they happen, which is the best way to ensure that your vehicle stays on the road.”

Milea Truck Sales has also found that this new approach to leasing has brought peace of mind. “Our customers know that there are no unexpected service costs and it eliminates a large down payment to purchase a truck. It enables our customers to preserve capital for other parts of the business that generate a higher financial return.”

Milea has also taken strides to establish itself as the preeminent leader in clean energy technology for trucking. Milea has focused on offering alternatives to diesel engine including natural gas, hybrid and electric.  “We are particularly proud of assisting the Tri-State’s largest beer distributor Manhattan Beer, meet their green and sustainable agenda with a move into a natural gas driven fleet.”

Additionally, Milea is very mindful of the fact that the Bronx and the surrounding boroughs have some of the highest asthma rates in the country. “We feel we have a social responsibility to do everything in our power to help fight this by putting more low emission vehicles on the road.”

Milea Truck’s approach has been to build a diverse and deep inventory, The Bronx based company stocks a wide variety of new and used light, medium and heavy-duty trucks.

To learn more about Milea Truck Sales, visit their website.