Micro Matic’s Rafter Brings Innovation To Draft Industry

Micro Matic

Beer taps have always been a common and simple aesthetic at a bar. You might find 6-8 common macro-brewed beers and your gue sts would probably be happy with the selection. Fortunately for guests this is no longer true, more is everything and better is everything. Micro Matic understands that the needs of the market are changing and they want to help retailers adapt to these changes. We had the pleasure of chatting with Pat Rafter of Micro Matic who has recently taken over as their Business Development Manager.

Micro Matic Pat Rafter
Pat Rafter, Business Development Manager, Micro Matic

Pat comes from a 24 year long career on the beer side of things. After working for Guinness, Peerless Beverage and Pasabahce Glassware in Istanbul, Pat now holds sales responsibility for Micro Matic in New York and New Jersey and is working to explore new channels. The industry has exploded and there are now needs for more creative and new uses for taps. “Craft cocktails for example have become a big thing, especially in Brooklyn. We have a lot of bars that do pressed cocktails in cylinders and it is incredibly cost effective,” said Rafter.

While taps have always been a necessity for a bar, it has now taken a new role in the foodservice industry. Now new segments of the industry are finding ways to utilize taps like never before.

“We want to be able to provide for our customers in these new segments, like the coffee industry, the shared office space and the 55 and over communities with quality custom solutions,” said Rafter. 

From cold brew coffee to wine to craft cocktails in eateries from Brooklyn to LA are utilizing taps like never before. This is where Micro Matic comes in, providing all these different channels with customized solutions allowing the operator to provide consistency with their drink service. These new segments are a fun and innovative way for Micro Matic to provide its customers with new ideas, new solutions and open doors for change. 

As new things enter the arena one beverage will remain king of the tap world. Beer has always and will always be the beverage that goes with a tap. Recently the beer industry has exploded from a handful of macro-brewed brands to a whole world of craft beers. This is where Micro Matic’s real creativity and innovation comes into play. “The common trend with beer now is that there really are no boundaries. The possibilities are limitless, you can have beer dispensed coming down from the ceilings, taps that sit inside of industrial piping, maybe you want it coming out of a fire extinguisher, or right out of the wall. It’s just a matter of what the individual design of the bar is,” Rafter said.

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As the industry grows so do the needs of the consumer. Back when beer was boring a bar would have maybe 6 beers on tap. “The needs have grown leaps and bounds, people want to see stuff coming from a ceiling, they want to see it come out of a pipe. The average has grown to 12-18 on tap and it keeps growing,” said Rafter. It appears that the industry has taken a huge leap when it comes to beer on tap. “Nowadays you can go into a craft beer bar and see almost 100 beers on taps. Even look at the hotel industry, they don’t have the space avalability for twenty beers on tap so they will have six but people want local so they will have to provide their guests with more locally oriented options,” Rafter added.

Micro Matic leads the industry with consistent quality, creative innovation, and unparalleled service. One thing that Micro Matic prides themselves on that may miss the public’s eye is their dedication for proper training. “Micro Matic offers classes where we train line cleaners through seminars and post educational material from literature to videos all on our website. We even provide on-site training with beer distributors,” Rafter stated. Micro Matic also works very closely with the Brewers Association to ensure that proper hygiene and knowledge is provided to operators.

To learn more about Micro Matic, please visit their website