Metro NYC Hotel Operators Have Unique Energy Challenges Solutions With UEC

At United Energy Consultants (UEC), we wanted to give hoteliers and hotel managers some tips on how to cut your energy bills specific to your industry. Implementing simple and inexpensive eco measures will not only prove beneficial to your overhead and pocket book, but also increase levels of staff and customer comfort.

Our goal is to demonstrate the hotel management community finds with a unique opportunity and responsibility.

Today’s hotel manager needs to look at themselves as the consciences of the environment and global challenge issues we face. With a little planning and commitment, you will have the opportunity to enhance both your personal reputation and that of your hotel.

Here are some simple tips to reduce energy consumption, whether you’re operating as an independent hotel, or a hotel chain.  With Heating & Air conditioning, we recommend the regulation of energy temperature controls, according to guest preferences and to avoid overheating bedrooms and corridor areas.

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We also suggest, checking boiler and pipework regularly. Try to avoid using heating and cooling systems at the same time. If the temperature reached 21 °C, switch off the heating system, and avoid using air conditioning for cooling until the temperature exceeds 23-24°C.

We have also found that Hot water provides great opportunity for you to easily implement best practices. We suggest an ideal temperature of 60°C for hot water system. That will provide comfortable hot water and is hot enough that it can kill legionella bacteria. The basics of hot water management should also include a regular check of water tap. Make sure that leaks are repaired immediately and ensure pipework is well insulated.

Many of the public utilities have made lighting easier to audit. Their programs reward the use of low-energy lighting. We also suggest the Installation of compact fluorescent lighting in guest rooms and common areas. Hoteliers can find additional savings by adding room occupancy sensors to control thermostats and lightning without compromising guest comfort. These steps can provide substantial energy savings with minimal impact on lighting quality and could help reduce the electricity by 80%.

Finally, it’s time for you take another look at Refrigeration.

We suggest the regularly defrosting of fridges, checking the seals on coolers and fridges and keeping them clean. Try to promote with your staff keeping the fridge doors closed. Most importantly, with so many great rebate programs in place, look for energy efficient units. If possible, look for A++ units, as they have the lowest electrical running costs.
Hope to see you at the show and we’d be happy to advise you on how to make your hotel more energy efficient.

Peter Kaplan has served as Chief Operating Officer and President of United Energy Consultants since 2005. Behind his leadership and 20+ years of de-regulated energy and risk management experience, United Energy Consultants has developed several proprietary procurement and software systems that are a bench-mark in the industry. Email him at