MEIKO Debuts First Flight Type Conveyor at 2013 IHMRS

Brand Responds to New York Utility Prices with Efficient Solution

We all know everything is more expensive in New York.  From real estate, to groceries, and even the Earth’s most abundant resource – good ‘ole H2O – prices in Metro New York are high, and they’re getting higher.

That’s why one warewashing manufacturer is working to help New York foodservice operators reduce both their utility bills, and their environmental footprint.  Exhibiting the very first flight type dishmachine in the history of the show, MEIKO will have their flagship M-iQ machine at this year’s IHM&RS show at the Jacob Javits Center November 9-12.

A brand synonymous with quality, efficiency, and longevity; MEIKO has an 80+ year history of designing effective and efficient cleaning solutions.

“Utility prices are ridiculous in New York.  From energy, to detergent, to water and sewer – the costs are skyrocketing.  We’re seeing more and more Tri-State area folks look to MEIKO and our M-iQ  dishmachine for a solution to their operating cost” said David Ciampoli, vice president of sales and marketing for MEIKO USA.  “The IHMR&S show is a perfect show for M-iQ.  With the ability to clean up to 10,000 dishes an hour using just 57 gallons of water, I know the New York audience will love it.”

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MEIKO’s M-iQ dishmachine is Energy Star Rated, and has received multiple awards and accolades, including a Kitchen Innovation Award presented by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show. The machine has been featured in dozens of domestic and international industry publications, and the MEIKO brand recently made the Hotelier Middle East “50 Suppliers You Should Know” list.

Features of M-iQ start at the load end of the machine, where soils and scraps are continuously flushed away with a powerful wave action.  Coupled with a unique active filtration technology in each and every tank, soils are actively flushed out in high-pressure cycles.  This technology improves performance, eases cleanup, and reduces detergent consumption up to 50 percent.

The patented airflow management feature retains and redirects hot air within the machine. This unique feature improves heating efficiency and reduces exhaust emissions.  Energy savings continue with MEIKO’s Waste Air Heat Recovery system in which energy from the machine is recaptured and used to heat incoming water, significantly reducing energy consumption. The internal booster heater has a variable-output that only activates if hot water is needed. 

In a nutshell, the system dynamically adjusts to changes in heating distribution for minimal energy consumption.

Operation is simple and straightforward using M-iQ’s BlueVision control software.  The CC Touch digital display can be programmed to allow only the menu options the operator wants it to, doing away with non-required information that can confuse operators and staff.  Every user group (kitchen management, cleaning staff, service, etc.) can call up the information most relevant to them and even record it. With a high-resolution color display, the screen can even give operating instructions, a spare parts list, contact information, and routine maintenance reminders.

With the optional CC Insight, the software can even be accessed and monitored remotely from an online device, for easier reporting and documentation.

M-iQ also uses several unique technologies to reduce the kitchen’s cleaning time, and consequently reduce labor costs. With touchpoints clearly marked in blue for fast recognition, the machine is specially designed to make the manual cleaning process easier than ever before.  The machine even features an automated cycle that can be pre-programmed to run at the end of every shift.  The cycle ensures remaining soils are pumped through the M-iQ filter, significantly reducing the amount of manual labor required to maintain the machine.

When compared to leading competitors at average usage and size, the savings of M-iQ is staggering.

MEIKO’s M-iQ flight type dishmachine will be on display in booth 1320 along with other machines best suited for smaller dish room applications.  For more information regarding MEIKO, M-iQ, or any of their product line, contact, call (800) 55 – MEIKO or visit