Master Chefs Institute Recognizes Frylow For Less Oil, More Taste And Operator Savings

Side-By-Side Comparison with food cooked in the same oil. With Frylow, the results are obvious: lighter, crispier, and tastier deep-fried food with decreased oil absorption.

People are eating healthier today, it’s true, but who doesn’t enjoy a plate of crispy fried chicken or calamari? Now there’s a way to do it using less oil, for healthier, lower-fat delicacies that customers can eat – and restaurant owners can serve – without feeling guilty.

FrylowIt’s all about the Frylow photo-catalytic ceramic device, which allows food to cook using less oil for a delicious, non-greasy taste. Frylow can be used with any of today’s top fryers without having to even unplug the fryer. It is easily inserted into the fryer to eliminate any downtime. In fact, it’s become so popular, the Master Chefs Institute has given it its highest award, the 2017 Seal of Excellence.

Just as a car needs good clean oil to run efficiently, your customers want to enjoy the special flavor and texture of those signature fried items on your menu. At the same time, many of today’s dining patrons have an eye towards a healthier balance in their diet. That’s where Frylow comes in.

“The frying device in this product makes frying food that much better because of the quality that it produces. It will allow people to use the oil much longer and still produce better quality,” said Chef Ferdinand Metz, who participated in the testing of the unit. “Unfortunately, today in cooking, you throw it into the deep fryer and if it’s brown, it’s done.”

One of the most important steps in using oil is changing it. “People are a little bit anxious about changing the oil,” he pointed out. “Often you walk by a restaurant and you don’t want to go in because the oil smell is so old and the aroma is really bad. Then you know they are not changing the oil and that will make the food that is fried very greasy and unpalatable.”

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Chef Metz discovered Frylow at the California Restaurant show in Los Angeles. “Their participation in the show really demonstrated that this can be something of value to many operators,” he noted.

Using a device like Frylow is important because, while diners may be less discerning in terms of whether the oil is really fresh, they do know the difference between clean, fried foods and those with that rancid aroma.

“Quality is, of course, important to chefs. But so are savings,” Chef Metz asserted. “The Frylow essentially, doubles the fryer oil life. It’s quicker cooking times at lower temperatures and better-tasting products. That’s what’s going to start capturing the attention of the chef and restaurateur.”

And if you look at the savings? “I’ve heard some instances where the device has been paid off in two or three months, and then you can buy better oil because you’ve already gained about $500 a month in savings,” he stated.  “The ROI is incredible. But I like to talk in terms of ROQ, Return on Quality. I think that’s something more important.”

Master Chefs got into testing equipment because the institute felt there was a need for an independent third party evaluation that testifies to the quality, the various claims, and promises that are made on the label. “And gives an unbiased third party, independent opinion,” Chef Metz offered. “And if the manufacturer has a product that qualifies, then the Master Chefs take out the Seal of Excellence and renew it every year. We do the testing on our terms. It’s only done by certified Master Chefs. The products that receive this seal are the best you can buy.”

Frylow offers a complete video demonstration of the innovative technology by visiting their website. The Frylow support team can be reached at 602-738-0058.