MarketMan Delivers Innovative Technology To Manage Inventory And Supply Chain Operations


Experienced restaurateurs know how difficult it is to juggle dozens of suppliers, to train employees on receiving and managing inventory and on how to place orders without ending up with waste. Luckily, MarketMan is now aiding many metro New York operators with advanced inventory, ordering, and cost management tools.

Noam Wolf started MarketMan with the goal of assisting a friend with creating a better process at his restaurant. After extensive research and discussions with restaurateurs, vendors, and friends, he realized that the issue was the cumbersome process centered on inventory. Wolf viewed the problem and narrowed it down into a handful of select areas; suppliers, procurement, inventory, and time management. “It was a broken process that wasn’t only time-consuming, but actually detrimental to restaurant owners, so I started looking into a solution,” he said.

The industry was in need of a common area where both restaurants and suppliers could communicate. “The managerial problem exists on both sides,” Wolf maintained.   This platform helps with price comparison, purchase orders, receiving management, and invoicing. With these key features in mind, Wolf created MarketMan to help with the ever-frustrating supply chain process.

Wolf pointed out that restaurant operators live in a “real-time world” and yet, they have none of the technology or structure to support that real-time need. “That’s how the idea for MarketMan came to life,” said Wolf.

MarketMan started in out in 2013 in Tel Aviv with a small team and then developed a prototype and entered the local market. By the end of 2015, MarketMan had the system being used by 30% of the Israeli market. What makes MarketMan different is connectivity to external parties. MarketMan can connect with all major vendors, allowing the potential to become the new industry standard for supply.

In July of 2016 Wolf moved here and opened the New York office. “Moving our base of operations to the US has allowed for an increased level of customer service. For our customers that means meaningful and direct vendor relationships, and quick advances on the integration front with our technology partners.”

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The platform also interfaces directly with other restaurant tools such as Point of Sale systems and accounting software. “We link with everybody. We want to offer restaurants the capability to automate manual processes, save time and gain insights all without disrupting the normal flow of business. Managers can learn from a wide array of different analytics from usage to profitability reports. Obviously, it’s important to work seamlessly. It’s a one-click integration with online platforms like QuickBooks online, Square, Revel and Lightspeed POS.”

Even distributors are benefiting from the platform.  “They know that it can streamline their processes, and it makes their customers’ lives a bit easier,” Wolf stated. On the restaurant side of things, the GM, the Head Chef, and everybody in-between can view alerts, manage tasks, place orders and receive by using the mobile app.

There are multiple users per restaurant, Wolf acknowledged, “Different users can derive different benefits.” The owners and CFO’s can use the reporting and accounting functions.

MarketMan now has over 1,500 customers, including restaurants, hotels, juice bars, bakeries, food trucks and more. They can mobilize quickly, getting new operators on-boarded and operational within a week. Its team is compiled of restaurant and technology veterans that make the set up process an enjoyable one. MarketMan wants its customers to get the absolute most out of the system. Its mission is to cut time spent in the back of the house and to help your business prosper.

To learn more about MarketMan, please visit their website.