M.EAT Organic Beef & Provisions Opening Flagship Store In Westport, CT Summer 2017

M.Eat Organic Beef

An exciting unveil this summer will present itself to the town of Westport, CT. M.EAT Organic Beef & Provisions is setting up their butcher shop in the stunning new retail, residential, and dining locale of Bedford Square. M.EAT, which specializes in providing the highest quality beef and lamb from Uruguay, Argentina, New Zealand, and Australia, will feature organic grass-fed, healthful, flavorful, quality meats that fit today’s educated and enthusiastic food lifestyles.

M.EAT Organic BeefM.EAT Organic Beef & Provisions is under the direction of General Manager Roy Cox, a 30-year food service industry veteran. Cox, who hails from Brazil and whose education earned him a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering and a Master Degree in Business Management, was most recently with the largest international steakhouse brand in the world, Outback Steakhouse, where from 2001 to present he held the role of Managing Partner, Operating Partner, and ultimately acting as Regional Vice President in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With customer service at the forefront, this seasoned and passionate industry professional will elevate the customer experience. 

Housed in a contemporary retail design, butcher block and marble countertops, steel shelving, and chalkboard menus adorn the intimate space. Mosaic floor tiling reinforces the “M.” brand and white subway tiles and rustic wood panels frame the room, while industrial light fixtures cast a warm glow from above. 

Organic beef cuts will include; ribeye, New York striploin, tenderloin, rump steak, brisket, flank, skirt, hanger, shoulder, and flat iron, hand butchered to your liking, in addition to lamb shoulder, chops, ribs, and shank. Another market highlight includes a burger bar where customers can choose their own grind of meat types, fat ratio, and flavor profiles, as well as a variety of organic cheeses and local produce to accompany that perfect burger. Provisions run the gamut from salts, seasonings and olive oil, organic wine and craft beer, to organic small-batch roasted coffee and beef sourced locally.

M.EAT Organic Beef

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M.EAT believes in the nurturing of animals in their natural environment where Mother Nature guarantees a 100% certified organic product. From field to table, the primary meat source Is Uruguay, located in the South American Pampas where more than 80% of its territory is dedicated to livestock. The breathtaking terrain is where each animal lives in the open air all year round and has a pasture space equivalent to 2 soccer fields. Uruguayan production and export of beef is a 400-year-old business, and currently, exports two-thirds of its meat throughout the world. Uruguay’s traceability practices are mandatory and one of the strictest and most progressive in the world. The beef is butchered, packaged, refrigerated, and transported by ship and arrives in the US within 30 days. During the course of importing the maturation process occurs, contributing to the tenderness of the beef.

M.EAT is owned by Fair Trade, an import company with over 20 years of experience and joint ventures with the most prestigious suppliers of the highest quality beef throughout South America. M.EAT is a member of the Organic Trade Association as well as the Meat Importers Council of America (MICA).

To learn more about M.EAT Organic Beef & Provisions (opening soon at 29 Church Lane, Westport, Connecticut), please visit their website.