LI Entrepreneur Finds the Ultimate Solution to Soggy Food Challenge

Keeping It Crisp

Long Island based entrepreneur Tom Francoeur has found the ultimate solution to the problem of soggy food. With the growth of both the delivery and take out segments of the restaurant and foodservice industry food soggy food is a major challenge for food lovers worldwide. Pizzas, burgers, French fries, fried chicken and even more expensive filet mignon and lobster rolls are all subject to the same problem. The challenge remains the same, the ability for an item taken out of a restaurant to maintain that same great flavor and texture.

Food loses its crisp because of the problems associated with moisture retention. This new solution called Keeping It Crisp will eliminate the problem and make sure that the food arrives fresh and crispy every single time.

“Keeping It Crisp has only one job to do and that is to ensure that your food arrives warm, fresh, and crispy, and without any moisture, every time you order your food,” explained Francoeur, while introducing his remarkable solution. “This problem has been faced by millions around the world and the solution is a simple ‘valve’ type of moisture release system that will make sure that all the moisture, which is responsible for making your food soggy escapes that food containing box, while all the heat is retained perfectly.”

Keeping It CrispFrom soggy French fries to soft crust pizza and saturated nachos or even a wet burger, all kinds of foods and particularly fast food, which are enclosed in boxes becomes a victim of moisture. Not only then it loses its taste, but it also becomes deprived of its original texture and crisp. This solution is all about keeping the food fresh for as long as possible and preserving everything original that keeps restaurant patrons coming back for more.

In addition, Keeping It Crisp is now available online and besides fast food chains, anyone can get this solution by placing orders on the website. It comes in two different variants of ‘Punch & Run’ as well as ‘Stacker Vent.’ Many food boxes such as pizza boxes have little vents in the side, which are purposefully built to keep the food fresh. However, despite these vents, the majority of moisture sits right inside them and this solution is to eliminate all that moist and all the steam, which becomes the source of that moist.

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Keeping It Crisp has perfectly designed this tool to eliminate moisture while retaining the heat in a container or a box. Cardboard can be a bit trickier to work with and getting the right dimensions to poke these tools into the cardboard was a time consuming job but Tom was successfully able to figure out the right way. Furthermore, this amazing food solution is getting a phenomenal response from around the world and Keeping it Crisp is creating a major buzz worldwide.

For more information and to order, please visit the website and online shop of Keeping It Crisp.