Let’s Go To The Videotape


Long-time New York sports fans out there will recognize the title of this piece as the familiar catch phrase of veteran television and radio sportscaster Warner Wolf. During each broadcast, as he reviewed the previous day’s events, to provide visuals with his words, Warner would repeatedly call out, “Let’s Go to the Videotape”. He felt that the pictures were his best vehicle to tell the whole picture most effectively.

Warner was a trendsetter in many ways and his words ring true today as well- even more so because it’s easier to go to the videotape than ever before. Most Americans walk around every day with a reasonably high quality “videotape” machine in their pocket (through their phone).

There’s so much good stuff to videotape. The whole idea is to tell the story, beyond with what you can do with mere words or still images.

What should you think about recording? Some examples include:

Your people

Experienced employees can guide your prospective customers around the unique selling proposition of your business.  There is simply no comparison to the “story” that is told by a live representative, as compared to the most effective and colorful “sell sheet”.

Your patrons

One can never have a more effective sales pitch than a heartfelt testimonial from a long time customer. We have done this repeatedly with customers, who are always happy to come in and graciously share their experiences. With today’s technology, if a “face to face” physical interview becomes logistically challenging, we have used Skype sessions to gather the information as well.

Milea February 2019 728×90

Your products

Especially if you have a consumable food item, your offerings can truly come to life with a video. Unfortunately, enticing aromas cannot be transmitted online (at least not yet). Even if you are not selling food, a video allows a 3-D presentation of a fixed object that allows for much greater understanding of the specifics behind a particular product.

Your process

Not every customer can physically tour your operation to see (as much as you may wish to share) the special way that you create your products. You can give a great overview that gives prospects much greater insight into your company.

Depending on the level of sophistication required and available budget, one can choose the “homemade approach” or a more professionally produced package. Even some of the best looking productions cost a fraction of what professional videos cost just a few years ago. If you choose this route, you can augment the actual video with music, graphics or other devices to further highlight your business.

Videos can be posted as part of your website, or can easily be posted independently on YouTube. They are great on Facebook. They can be emailed as part of a story, imbedded into customer solicitations, viewed at trade shows or general business presentations, or shown within the company as a way to educate employees about what the company is about, to show their impact on the business and to improve morale among featured employees.

White Coffee Cold BrewAs you are preparing your video, get input from employees and enthusiasts alike- to get their perspective on both the emphasis and the draft product.  Aside from catching minor factual errors, you may very well be steered in a direction slightly different than you originally intended.

And finally, don’t forget to update your Videos as information becomes outdated. Nothing is worse than highlighting something that is no longer accurate. Go to the Videotape as much as your can- and watch your people and profits grow.

Jonathan White is the Executive Vice President at White Coffee Corporation in Long Island City, NY. Learn more about how Jonathan and his team can help you at WhiteCoffee.com.