Les Vergers Boiron Makes Flavors That You Remember Forever

Les Vergers Boiron are, quite simply, the best tasting frozen fruits and vegetables that money can buy- presented in a fashion that makes the chef’s life… much easier.

Drinking the very best that Europe has to offer should not be a surprise, nor a curse.  Many of intense flavors, long available in Europe and around the globe- have recently made it to the United States in the form of concentrated, frozen purees from Les Vergers Boiron.  And with these intense flavors encased in their unique and handsome packaging, cooks and mixologists have discovered that they can spend more time doing other things in the kitchen.  Other than sourcing and preparing the myriad of sparkling fresh, fruits and vegetables needed to make a container of puree.  No one is suggesting that you should cease to use fresh, far from is my instruction to do this.  What Les Vergers Boiron offers is something quite rarified and perfect in each container.

What this becomes is more than just a metaphor; Boiron makes flavors that you remember forever.  Because flavor has a way of doing what I consider to be something that carries you throughout your life.  The first time you tasted something or smelled something is likely the reason.

So when I was called to task recently to write a little piece on these “truly the world’s best” (in my opinion of course) frozen- pure fruit purees, my heart started to race.  Just a little bit, because it’s only 10 in the morning and drinking before noon- although exciting- means for a short day!

My choice of rum to accompany these brilliantly made fruit purees would have to be the rum that I represent as brand ambassador here in the United States.  That would be Mezan Rum.  The reason for this choice is very simple.  The rum is as close to pure as I know- it doesn’t have any additives like caramel coloring or added sugar- or even chill filtering.  It’s delicious for its simplicity- that is why I choose the Mezan XO variety.  Made in a small batch of five thousand or so bottles, the XO, being from Jamaica- stands up beautifully to the Boiron purees.  Comprised of a blend of rums, ranging in age from four to twenty three years of age, there is no dark color added like so many rum companies do- to fool your eye into believing that the rum in your glass- is in fact old rum.  And another inducement to mixing craft cocktails with uncolored liquids would have to be the color of the cocktail itself!  Naturally colored rum won’t make a light colored juice into something resembling bilge water… Since Mezan doesn’t caramel color, the XO shows beautifully against the lighter colors of the Boiron fruit purees.

Milea February 2019 728×90

It’s really amazing to me how easy the Boiron can transform your beverage program as quickly as the 1 kg container can be thawed.  Your beverages will taste like Europe, immediately.  Even the aromas from the fruits and vegetables remind me of another place.  Directly into my cocktail glass because these purees don’t need to be diluted.  They are ready to go.  There is a trip to the tropics in every sip of my mixtures.  In this case I picked the pineapple, the mandarin and the pink grapefruit.  This combination of flavors screams rum and the rum sings a tune of adoration in the presence of such pure flavors.  No longer do you have to peel, juice, sterilize, adjust seasoning, hope and guess your way through perfect purees of the very best ingredients possible.  As a cook I appreciate what goes into (and what doesn’t) each container of Boiron purees.  The ingredients say it all: 100% pink grapefruit.  That’s it!  Nothing else.  No glycerin, no sugar, no caramel coloring, no natural or artificial flavorings added.  Nothing!

Sort of like Mezan Rum, wouldn’t you say?

Tasting Notes:

Pink Grapefruit.  Imagine running headlong through a grapefruit forest- hypothetically of course.  The oils from the smashed grapefruit clinging to your skin, the spurts of sharp acidity across your face and deeply sensual aromatics of Satsuma orange flowers hang heavily in the air.  There is sweetness in the nose, tucked into each sip, then acidity, then bursts of fresh cinnamon stick and tropical fruit pate making your lips call out for more.

Pineapple.  If you could buy a fresh pineapple you’d know what you were going to taste in every tiny bite of the Boiron Pineapple.  I wanted to buy that pineapple and give it to someone who would appreciate what offering a pineapple means. (Hospitality)  The pineapple gushes with exuberance and candor.  Each sip propels you to the next one, and then into the next.  There are tropical birds off in the distance and I can hear them.  Where’s that rum? Ah the rum and the pineapple mixed together from Boiron.  Can there really be anything in life more delicious?

What is the historical significance that makes us think of mixing pineapple and the Mezan rum, an admittedly funky Mezan rum from Jamaica?  What is it about this pineapple puree that makes it so beguiling?

I think it’s the Dunder, (a specific type of wild yeast used in Mezan Jamaica and the XO) and yes that is my guess of why they taste so enthralling together.

When you mix the Boiron Pineapple puree with Mezan XO Rum, something magical happens, something delicious.

Mandarin Orange.  Mandarin Oranges are similar to the Red Fruits of the French Culinary dessert world, they are a must use ingredient in desserts. The same holds true in craft cocktails.  I look for Mandarin Oranges in cocktails because of my classical training in the kitchen.  You just have to taste these tiny flavor bombs in a mixed drink to believe me.  The perfect little segments of Mandarin Orange, each one impossibly sweet, with a lip smacking-tart finish that just goes on and on. Boiron Mandarin Orange puree is such a slurp and when combined with more acidic fruits like grapefruit, the Mandarin really sings a new interpretation of a song, long left un-translated.  The Mandarin Orange puree becomes an entirely new language- one that you can go out and purchase, then utilize in your cocktail program.  In fact all these purees will make you look like a pro.  Throw out your bottled juices and use these in their place.

Stout Sailing Vessel

  • 1 oz. each, Boiron Pineapple, Mandarin and Pink Grapefruit puree
  • 1.5 oz. Mezan XO Rum
  • 3-4 drops Peychaud’s Whiskey Barrel Aged Bitters (great color, tastes great too!)
  • Slice of blood orange for the float
  • Gläce Luxury Ice Mariko Sphere


  1. To a Cocktail Mixing glass:
  2. Add one large cube of ice
  3. Add the Boiron Purees
  4. Add the Mezan XO Rum
  5. Stir sixty times to chill
  6. Add to a rocks glass with one Gläce Luxury Ice Mariko Sphere
  7. Cover with the orange slice
  8. Dash with the Peychaud’s Bitters to finish
  9. Garnish with the dehydrated orange slice over the top as a cover to the drink  (adding a splash of color!)