LA’s Hedley & Bennett Produces Handmade “Proper Bad Ass Aprons” and Workwear

True Treps are following their dreams and taking risks to create innovative companies. To capture these visionaries, Elliot Productions, a division of The Elliot Group, is traveling across the country to document the entrepreneurs who are making an impact on our industry, capturing not only their unique visions, but also their personal and professional journeys. The passion, creativity, risks, and, surprises – come be inspired with us as we meet the people behind the emerging brands: the True Treps.

Hedley & BennettIn this month’s installment of “True Treps”, we meet Ellen Bennett, the Founder and CEO of Hedley & Bennett. Based in Los Angeles, Hedley & Bennett produces handmade “Proper Bad Ass Aprons” and workwear. Ellen came up with the idea for Hedley & Bennett when she was a line cook at a two Michelin star restaurant. “I thought, holy cow, we all look and feel terrible here yet we’re making gorgeous food. We should have a better uniform that we can have a sense of dignity and pride when we wear it,” Ellen says.

Since the company’s inception five years ago, Hedley & Bennett has exploded into a multi-million dollar business and Ellen and her team have completely revolutionized the power of kitchen workwear. However, Ellen says it isn’t only about the aprons. “It’s the ethos behind my company – that’s what really makes a difference. It’s the fact that we are literally telling people it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, you can do something in life.”

For over thirty years, The Elliot Group has remained the nation’s leading retained executive search and strategic consulting firm to the food service, hospitality, manufacturing, and retail industries. Given The Elliot Group’s leadership role in various industries,  they have always been committed and on the leading edge of sharing the stories of many of today’s positive activists and innovators.

Under the direction of former television news producer Eric Herbst, Elliot Productions’ True Treps series is uniquely positioned to understand and profile the fundamental challenges that entrepreneurs and organizations face at every stage of the business lifecycle. True Treps brings a deep understanding of the motivations and talents of individual leaders and the great companies they are building.   

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