Keeping Your Restaurant Covered Is Now A Part Of The Alliance

NYC Hospitality Alliance Awards 2017 Winners
TAO Downtown Bar Atmosphere for the NYC Hospitality Alliance Awards 2017. (Photo by Ken Goodman)

At the New York City Hospitality Alliance, we’re always seeking out ways to support our members and provide services to restaurants and nightlife venues throughout the five boroughs. When we offer a new service to our members, we don’t want to offer it just for the sake of offering it, we want the service to be unique and beneficial for the hospitality industry, similar to our COM.PLY Restaurant Compliance Management system that we developed to help members manage their permits, licenses and health department inspections.

Andrew Rigie

That’s why we’re extremely excited to announce the launch of a new member benefit, the NYC Hospitality Alliance Property & Casualty Insurance Program and NYC Hospitality Alliance Crisis Management Insurance Program. These new benefits mean we’re now a one-stop shop for Liquor Liability, General Liability, Assault & Battery, Automobile Liability, Property, Business Income, Cyber Liability, Employment Practices Liability, Umbrellas, and Active Shooter/Workplace Violence coverage.

It took some time to find the right partner but it was well worth the wait in finding McGowan Program Administrators who work with thousands of non-profit organizations across the country. McGowan is a family owned insurance company with an excellent service record and they’ve developed unique insurance programs at highly discounted rates for our members.

If you operate a restaurant, bar or club in New York City we highly recommend that you contact us and let us quote your insurance. We have the ability to write casual restaurants, fine dining, bars, taverns, lounges, and nightclubs. If you’re currently working with a broker whom you have an established relationship with you can have them reach out to get you a quote too.

What makes this insurance program extra special and unlike others in the market is that you don’t only get great coverage, professional service and discounted rates…but by placing your coverage with us, you and your broker are supporting the vital mission of the New York City Hospitality Alliance. That’s right, place your insurance with us and you’re supporting our mission to represent the city’s hospitality industry in the halls of government, and powering our education and training initiatives. It’s a win win.

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In addition to creating a COM.PLY Restaurant Compliance Management system and getting a quote for our new Hospitality Alliance Property & Casualty and Crisis Management Insurance program, let us know other types of programs and services we can develop to help your business. To learn more and to obtain a quote, contact the NYC Hospitality Alliance at 212-582-2506, or

Andrew Rigie
Andrew Rigie is the Executive Director of the New York City Hospitality Alliance, a trade association formed in 2012 to foster the growth and vitality of the industry that has made New York City the Hospitality Capital of the World. Learn more at