Investing Wisely In Restaurant Equipment

investing wisely in restaurant equipment
Article contributed by Lucy Wyndham

There are more than a million restaurants in the U.S., and there is growth in sales year after year. This means that there is competition – but this is healthy.

Competition is what drives and inspires many restaurant owners and chefs to think outside of the box. It moves the industry forward, in terms of cooking techniques and developing menus, and the customers not only benefit but keep coming back for more. This is why investing wisely in restaurant equipment is so important – it can elevate your business.

Choosing your ovens

You might be pushing the boundaries when it comes to your cuisine in terms of taste profiles and menu, but never take risks on the ovens and cooking ranges that you buy for your restaurant. You are investing in your business and it’s future. Cheap imports from bought online cannot always be trusted in terms of functionality, and you may have problems when it comes to repairs and warranty issues. Secondhand eBay buys should also be avoided – a seller’s description may not always be accurate, even if they intend it to be.

Make sure that the commercial oven that you buy is from a reputable company, and does exactly what you intend it to. For instance, if you are selling pizzas, then an electric or wood-fired pizza oven should be your first options. It is not worth compromising – you will likely find that if you do, your competitors will be one step ahead of you.

Safety and prep tables

Restaurant kitchens are a minefield of dangerous equipment. When you are investing in your business, the safety of your chefs and other staff is the most important thing. You should consider this when designing your kitchen, and include a dedicated food prep and cutting space so that your knives and slicers are never moved from one side of the kitchen to another.  The best way to do this is to purchase a dedicated prep table made of stainless steel, as it resists corrosion and can withstand being cleaned with the products that are used in commercial kitchens. The best versions include storage options for all sharp implements and tools.

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Refrigeration space

47% of diners said that they would spend more money to eat in a restaurant that actively tries to reduce unnecessary food waste. If you want to reduce waste in your restaurant, it is essential that you invest in adequate refrigeration units. Pre-consumer food waste reduces your overall profits, and if you haven’t got enough refrigeration, the shelf life of your produce is drastically less. Food also needs to be stored in such a way that you can easily evaluate the inventory that you have on hand – especially in an industry that changes seasonally. Train your staff to operate a rotation system (also known as “first in, first out”), so that produce that needs to be used quickly is easily identifiable. Without a refrigerator that is fit-for-purpose, you will be eating into your daily profits and producing waste.

Having the right equipment will help your kitchen function better, and staff work better on a daily basis. Investing wisely in restaurant equipment will help you to elevate your business and make a good name for yourself in the industry.