Innovative New App Converts Wait Time Into Restaurant Managing Opportunity

From reservations to loyalty programs, technology firms have produced apps for virtually every aspect of the restaurant industry. For Pittsburgh entrepreneur Rob Meyer, waiting in line at one of his favorite eateries spurred creative ideas, “So we really characterize, customize, and organize any table management system.

We create a digital waitlist making it go beyond beepers.  Beepers just beep.”  An operator can keep customers happy by clearly communicating exactly how much time they will wait without ambushing the hostess with impatient complaints. 

Saving time and great customer service are what keeps operator’s customers consistently happy.  The NoWait App has grown dramatically in the Metro New York area and across the country with thousands of restaurants and some 10 million dining patrons enjoying a fresh new look at the dynamics of waiting to be seated. With its customization advantages and tools, it helps restaurant owners keep their businesses organized while also managing their time as well as their customers.  NoWait eliminates wait time to improve productivity.   

NoWait creates a three way portal between your hostess, you and your customers on any Apple device: IPad, IPhone, IPad Mini etc.  When a customer types in the address of which restaurant they would like to attend, a message is then sent to the hostess asking the wait time.  The hostess replies with a quote of how long they will wait, the customers can either remove themselves from the list, or wait.  If a customer decides to wait and dine, after they finish their meal, leaving as happy customers, NoApp can also apply their marketing strategy. 

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If a customer chooses to be on your marketing list, they then can receive messages about any specials you may have coming up or any events they may be holding.  “You are put onto a list of business owners that will invite you to join their VIP marketing lists.  After they are done dining, our system sends out a thank you text, which is followed by an invitation to the marketing list.  It is so easy it doesn’t require you to do anything but click yes and statistics show that it has a 15% return rate.”  Each day, the app can analyze and give a summary on how many new customers or returning customers attended that day as well as who joined the marketing list.   

“We know that the needs to turn wait time into productive time apply to all restaurants from a single independent, to a chain with thousands of units,” Meyer added. “So we have built three simple pricing tools that start with a free application and a move into more sophisticated data and analytics.”

This easy to learn app, with only eight minute training videos are offered in the app as well as their website, operators claim their employees pick up on the process quick.  NoWait eliminates the need for pager systems.  Since there is no range limitation, the dining guest is free to window shop or relax with friends. At the same time the app enables real time notifications for business owners from the evening's specials to catering opportunities.

For the food service operator that has become attuned to keeping their pulse on the needs of today's customer and at the same time is seeking to integrate social media analytics that can make a difference, NoWait offers a superb solution.