Inline Plastics Begin 50th Anniversary With Expansion News

Inline Plastics

Over the past 50 years, Inline Plastics has been innovating, growing, and offering the best in crystal clear 100% recyclable PET clamshell and two-piece packaging. After starting out in Bridgeport CT, this family business continues to thrive in their new home in Shelton, CT. Now with three manufacturing facilities, Inline is expanding their product line with innovative new products. The family owned plastic company has just announced the addition of six new thermoforming lines, plus the expansion of its facilities, in response to the continued growth of their innovative food packaging products.

In the past 12 months, Inline Plastics has worked to improve their three facilities with the instillation of a new large platform, roll fed thermoforming machines as well as a mid-sized machines with increased flexibility. This includes attendant support equipment to ensure everything runs smoothly at the facility. These facilities are located in Shelton, CT, McDonough, GA, and Salt Lake City, UT. Part of this investment has included a new mid-sized machine for Inline’s R&D facility in Milford, CT, which will be utilized to further support new product development efforts. This is on top of significant investments in new tooling and infrastructure to support the growth of the business.

Inline PlasticsIn addition to the new production lines, Inline has added 157,200 sq. ft. of manufacturing and warehousing space to the Georgia facility, and is presently pursuing options to expand its Connecticut and Utah facilities. All to ensure preparedness to meet the growing demand for their products. Inline Plastics’s  growth over the past decade has been driven by its innovative Safe-T-Fresh line of containers.  “These tamper proof containers really put us on the map, “explained Jack Tilley, Inline’s Market Research manager.  We were pretty much the first in the industry to offer those types of containers.”

“As our business continues to grow, we are committed to continuously invest in capacity to ensure we have sufficient capacity to support our customer’s requirements and maintain our very high fill rates” states Jim Porcaro, Vice President of Operations. No matter where you work in foodservice, existing and future supermarket, a distributor or a processor; customers will realize several key benefits from the expansion: These benefits include consistent lead times, appropriate local product inventory will enable customers to carry lower levels of inventory, resulting in increased inventory turns.

Increased flexibility on special orders or service situations: Production and inventory planning is optimized to reflect the specific product needs of each region. Local production capacity/capabilities: Enables Inline to run all of its most popular items like their Squareware at each manufacturing facility. “Squareware was like a natural fit for us to offer a tamper evidence square container. The round ware is tailored that to the deli industry. And both of them have been pretty well, very well received, “ Tilley continued.

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Inline is dedicated to ensuring the best quality product for the market that needs it. Whether their customers eat it in the car or they take it home and eat it we want to ensure it’s the best quality, keeps it fresh, and keeps our customers happy.  “There is so much focus today on supermarkets and convenience stores going into the home meal replacement/foodservice segment. “Out containers give these retailers the perfect combination of making product look great and being able to get it home safely with our patented leak resistant design. “The priority for that store is to be able to is  get the container to fit well in the grab and go case and then survive the trip from the store  whether the customers eats it in the car or in their kitchen,” Tilley noted.

Inline Plastics“Throughout our history, we have been committed to developing and commercializing innovative products to service the food packaging industry. We are committed to providing relevant, high quality, innovative products and superior service to our growing customer base. This national expansion of our capabilities backs up our commitment and positions us well to meet the growing demand for our products.”

A key to Inline’s growth has been its ability to listen to the changing needs of its customer base. As with so many foodservice operators and the distributors that serve them, a green and sustainable agenda has become a priority. “Our containers are made from PET which is sourced from soda bottles. So, they’re very recyclable, which has become vital as more municipalities accept them. Our carbon footprint is on target by utilizing virgin plastic materials with a goal of 50% post-consumer content packaging in the production of the Safety Fresh line.

Inline Plastics Corporation (Shelton, CT), the owner of the popular Safe-T-Fresh® and SureLock® container brands, is a leading manufacturer of high quality, crystal clear PET clamshell and two-piece packaging. Inline Plastics’ packaging attractively merchandises fresh-cut fruit and vegetables, salads, a variety of grab-and-go foods, baked goods, and deli items. Inline Plastics Corp. also has the most complete line of wash down automated equipment to load, close, and label our containers.

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