I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream!

Sugartooth Tours Company Launches Summer Ice Cream Dessert Tours

Sugartooth Tours specializes in walking dessert food tours in New York City. On a Sugartooth tour, guides showcase the city's best-hidden bakeries and off the beaten path gems where the locals go. Guides dish out equal helpings of delicious desserts and the city's cultural and culinary history. Guests leave with a full stomach, and newfound knowledge of NYC's best bakeries.

Tours are small in size with no more than sixteen people per group for a conversational experience. Sugartooth Tours is dedicated to serving the sweet tooth in everyone, providing the best customer experience through high quality tastings, superior customer service, and friendly and informed licensed tour guides. The company, which launched this past year, is kicking off its first-ever ice cream and frozen desserts walking tour in the Big Apple. The tour is by foot and is just under two miles. Along the way, visitors can expect more than just your typical vanilla cone.

Stops include: frozen hot chocolate, ice cream with unique flavors (think sesame and avocado!), artisan Italian gelato, ice cream sandwiches, frozen yogurt, rice pudding and more.

Along the way, licensed NYC tour guides share local culinary history and fun facts about how the frozen treats were invented and the secrets to their success. Tour-goers can expect to visit a variety of neighborhoods including: Union Square, SoHo, Little Italy and Chinatown. Total Food recently interviewed the Sugar Tooth co-owners, Sarah Rolleston and Allyson Tolbert when the launched their Cupcake Crawl tour, we had a chance to sit back down with them on their newest tour.

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When we last spoke, you were launching the Cupcake Crawl tour, what’s the planning behind the Ice Cream tour?

Our Ice Cream Tour was actually the idea that inspired us to start Sugartooth Tours. I wanted to take Allyson on an ice cream tour as a birthday present and was shocked to find that no one was doing ice cream food tours in the city. We expanded upon that idea and created Sugartooth Tours and are thrilled to be able to present our Ice Cream Sundays Frozen Treats tour this summer.

For a vendor wanting to be included on the tour, are there any fees to be included? What’s in it for them and how do your tours help their business?

There are no fees to participate in a Sugartooth Tour. We look for high quality unique shops that are excited about us bringing our groups in to experience what they have to offer. We do work on a budget, so it is always helpful when vendors are able to keep within our budget as far as what we offer the guests. Participating in a food tour like ours is a win for everyone.

Our vendors enjoy increased foot traffic from our tours, increased sales, and exposure to the media. We have been able to feature our vendors in national and local press.

Will this new tour other dessert type businesses or solely ice cream shops?

This tour celebrates all frozen and cool treats. We do feature ice cream, but also include ice cream sandwiches, frozen yogurt, gelato, rice pudding, and more.

Are you working with any deal-of-the-day services like Groupon?

We are not currently working with any “deal” services. We do occasionally offer a discount code for a limited period of time, especially to our facebook and twitter followers and to past guests.

Who are some of the notable ice cream shops and other dessert business working with Sugar Tooth?

You’ll have to take the tour to get the full list of whom we are working with, but you can look forward to the “New York Deli of Desserts” Smush, for some amazing deli style ice cream sandwiches. We also feature Rice to Riches amazing rice pudding. If you haven’t tried it, it’s a must.

How do you approach food business to take part of your tours?

We find our vendors in a variety of ways. Some of the shops we feature are places that we’ve known of and have been a favorite of ours for sometime. Others we stumble upon when we are doing our neighborhood research, and some vendors reach out to us with an interest in being featured on our tours. Some of our favorite sweet shops on our tours are vendors who heard about us and happened to be located in neighborhoods where we were developing tours.

Any plans of expanding outside of NYC with this tour or your other tours?

We currently offer 5 different tours in Manhattan throughout the year, and are looking to expand to Brooklyn within the next year.

How did you price this tour and how do your market the tours to the public?

Our tours are priced similarly to other food tours in New York City. We feel that we offer a better experience for the price over our competitors for several reasons. Our number one goal is customer service. We look for the highest quality sweets, getting off the beaten path and introducing our guests to shops they may not have otherwise heard of. We limit our group size to 16 for a more conversational experience, and all of our tour guides are licensed. We feel that it is the little things that add up to make our guests’ experience the best it can be.  As far as marketing, we are active on facebook and twitter. Every time we launch a new tour we send out a press release and notify our previous guests and promote it with a discount code for former guests and our twitter/facebook fans.

Do you feel this new tour and your others have brought a positive energy to business and their surrounding neighborhoods?

Absolutely. We are celebrating New York City’s culture and history through food, which we believe is the best way to explore a city. We love introducing guests to new shops, bringing those shops increased business, and getting people excited about all things Sugartooth!

Do you have any other food tours in the making for 2014?

Coming up this fall/winter we will have our Union Square Holiday Market Tour, which centers around the Holiday Market at Union Square, where you can learn about the areas unique history and taste the best sweets the market has to offer. It’s a really wonderful holiday tradition for the whole family. In 2014, we will offer a new and updated Valentines Sweetheart’s Tour. We plan to offer our Cupcake Crawl and Ice Cream Tour again, and have plans for a Broadway Dessert Tour in the theatre district, as well as plans to expand into Brooklyn. We are always looking for new tour ideas so you can always go to sugartoothtours.com to find out what is new on the horizon for us.