Hoodz Offers Metro New York Operators Unique Kitchen Exhaust and Hood Cleaning Service


Running a restaurant is already stressful and making sure everything is spic and span is essential to running a successful restaurant. Not only can a dirty kitchen get an operator in trouble with health inspectors, but customers might also get a peak and never want to visit the restaurant again!

To help Metro NYC operators ease the pain, penalties and expense of constantly doing deep cleanings, HOODZ of Nassau County will do the dirty work for them. Franchise owner Rich Rothaar makes sure his crew provides NYC operators the peace of mind knowing that their kitchens are more than clean on the surface. With a background in professional cleaning, he noticed a void for quality service providers to the restaurant industry and knew he needed to do something about it.

“I was the first franchise in New York nine years ago, so I kind of pioneered the brand,” Rothaar admits. “I felt the frustration that restaurant owners and operators were having with this type of service and thought there should be liable and accountable providers. The fact that these owners were paying for the service and weren’t confident in the results, or that they weren’t up to par with the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) national standard bothered me.”

Rothaar’s HOODZ business is all about customer service, offering a wide variety of services to the restaurant and foodservice niche. Beyond the priority of state of industry hood cleaning, the company offers commercial oven cleaning services, concrete restoration and cleaning services, grease trap and dumpster area cleaning services, exhaust fan hinge kit installation services, grease containment systems and services, fan access panel installation services, and kitchen floor and equipment cleaning service. Any restaurant in the NYC area can really benefit from Rothaar’s services and his professional, skilled and knowledgeable team.


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“We really value the customer relationship,” he says about his local franchise. “We’re small enough to really care about each individual, yet large enough to handle the big projects and keep on schedule to do the job right.” With corporate behind him every step of the way, Rothaar is able to provide clients exceptional service. As the national HOODZ brand has flourished, they’ve been even more supportive of their local HOODZ franchisees by offering new training and more at their state-of-the-art training center in Ann Arbor, MI.

“They offer ongoing training and support for our technicians that are out there in the field, and they get continuing education even weekly. There’s always technical updates that are being shared with our team, and we have the support of nationwide systems so there’s really nothing we can’t handle.” But if there is a system that his team has never seen before, the franchise still offers a supportive network to lean back on for the owners and technicians.

As a local business, Rothaar’s crew services Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, besides Nassau County, helping food operators maintain their systems so they don’t have to do costly maintenance when something breaks down on a busy weekend.  “We often find things wrong before the customer does,” he mentions. “We’ll let them know they need to get it serviced before the entire unit goes out, costing them more money later on.” Many new clients often wonder if they’ll clean the entire hood unit and not just what the eye can see, and Rothaar assures them that his HOODZ franchise is unlike other cleaning providers. HOODZ goes above and beyond to access and clean every part, even those that are harder to reach. “We never just skate over parts and really go out of our way to clean the entire system,” he confesses, which is one reason why so many NYC-based operators use his services. “We use specialized equipment for a thorough cleaning and we make sure to access the entire system, from the hood to the fan and everything in between.”

Rothaar’s HOODZ will always remind restaurants when their next cleaning should be, keeping them updated on scheduled maintenance at all times, which is great for busy places who don’t always keep up with it themselves. “People have a big concern about following up and provide scheduled maintenance confidence.”

Rich Rothaar is the Owner of HOODZ of Nassau County. HOODZ International is a recognized leader in the commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning and preventive maintenance industry. HOODZ is well regarded for delivering quality kitchen cleaning, code compliance, and fire prevention solutions to restaurants, institutions, and other food service industries. HOODZ’s highly trained professionals adhere to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard-96, which is devoted exclusively to the ventilation control and fire protection of commercial cooking operations.

For more information, visit the HOODZ.NYC website or contact 516-442-2262.