Help New York Regroup from Sandy with New Wall Street Walks Food Tour

Annaline Dinkelmann has been running her unique Wall Street walking tour business, Wall Street Walks for five years, so she's seen first-hand the devastation in Lower Manhattan that was caused by Hurricane Sandy.

She's also watched the rebuilding and recovery process. Now she's come up with a way to help bring tourists and locals back to her stomping ground, with the launching of a new tour called the “New York Way of Eating.”

“The sense of community that we have in Manhattan is fantastic,” says Dinkelmann. “Not only in the clean-up effort, but now as people work together to get the message out that Lower Manhattan is still a great place to visit. We really wanted to support that.”

As Dinkelmann explains, many of the foods, dishes and eating traditions that are considered hallmarks of American cuisine were born in Lower Manhattan. Through the “New York Way of Eating Tour”, visitors can match the history of many foods to their celebrated birthplaces.

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The tour includes Delmonico's Steakhouse, home of Eggs Benedict, Baked Alaska and Steak Delmonico, and is considered one of the top ten restaurants in the country. Other stops include Fraunces Tavern, where presidents have dined since the birth of the nation and the first take-out menu was invented and the South Street Seaport, open and ready for business post Sandy.

“You can learn so much about a culture through its culinary heritage,” says Dinkelmann. “This tour explores the culture, traditions and recipes that the Dutch and other immigrants brought to New York over the past 400 years.”

Visitors can trace all of their favorite foods from past to present as they explore the resurgence of farm-to-table eating and learn about the origins of delicious staples such as the sandwich, the cookie, the hamburger and how the hotel and restaurant industry developed from the early taverns and coffee houses.

At the same time, the tour reinforces the fact that Lower Manhattan has indeed survived the effects of Hurricane Sandy and is ready to get back to business. The influx of visitors from the tour will be a welcome boon to small businesses that have been through a very trying and financially difficult time.

“We love showing off Lower Manhattan,” says Dinkelmann, “and we're even more proud of it now. The neighbourhood deserves to be celebrated.”

For more information about Wall Street Walks tours and how they are helping local businesses, contact Annaline Dinkelmann at (917) 514-2015, by emailing Email or visiting