Hackamore, The World’s First Caffeinated Alcohol Substitute


In a world full of premium liquor, wine, and craft beer you would think that anyone could find their perfect drink. Unfortunately, this is not as true as you would think. There is an entire demographic of people who have no option, the caffeine cocktail cravers, the sober partiers, and the designated drivers. There is nothing out there besides Red Bull, coffee, or crack (just joking). Hackamore Energy was designed to fill that gap and offer a sophisticated, naturally caffeinated, naturally sweetened and flavored alternative to energy drinks and coffee.

HackamoreWe had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with Olivia Robinson, founder of Hackamore Energy, to learn more about the product. Hackamore has only been out for a couple of years, and reaching the NYC market in the past 8-9 months.  Hackamore has already made its way into NYC hotspots like The Four Seasons, The Black Lodge, Society Café, Harold’s Meat & Three, Bagatelle, Beautique and The Gordon Bar at SIXTY Soho. After debuting in London, Olivia’s hometown, Hackamore is making its way on to bar shelves everywhere.

You may not think about it, but people really enjoy caffeine in their cocktail and aside from Irish coffee, espresso martinis and vodka red bull leave the options pretty slim. When Hackamore got into the hands of Mixologists it spiraled from there. “I think the best feedback we have had so far is definitely from the Mixologists, because they can really use this in any kind of cocktail. They are loving playing with it and being able to create something other than an espresso martini, or white Russian. Now they can really go to town and get creative,” Robinson stated. Obviously a nice bar/restaurant is not going to want to put a Red Bull on their menu at any respected spot. The under recognized aspect of this is that your guests are not going to want to order a Red Bull and get half their drink out of a can and get a carbonated, yellow liquid that is full of sugar. Hackamore gives your guest an option of an energy drink that you can drink and not be embarrassed of.

Hackamore comes in one flavor, lime, the universally used flavor in cocktails. Each two ounce shot has roughly 80 mg of natural caffeine, the equivalent of having a shot of espresso. The natural caffeine is derived from a coffee bean, which gives Hackamore the bang of coffee without the flavor. Hackamore comes in an extremely clean and aesthetically pleasing one liter vodka shaped bottle, sandblasted lines give it a premium, sophisticated look. The Hackamore bottle is sure to gain attention on your shelf and get people to ask about it.

Ways to incorporate Hackamore could not be easier either, a lot of spots simply include at the bottom of the menu, add a shot of Hackamore for $6. Or they will let their Mixologist mess around with it and create caffeinated craft cocktails that will stand out.  Mainly because it will be out of the norm, people will be curious plus it will be caffeinated. It also gives you the option to offer actual mock-tails that are selling something more than a $10 glass of tasty juice. “Hackamore gives you that advantage, you are actually getting something out of your mock-tail,” Robinson states. Hackamore has innovated by providing the first true liquor substitute that is not just a juice.

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This simple drink is filling a gap that most don’t even think about. This premium energy drink gives new life to a whole new demographic of people that you would otherwise never have ordering drinks in your bar, restaurant, or club. Hackamore is loaded with benefits to put on your bar shelf and printed on your menu. Hackamore is an all-natural energy drink; it is caffeinated naturally, has no calories, no artificial sweeteners, and no sugars. It is also packed with amino acids and b-vitamins. As you can see, Hackamore has a lot more to offer you besides new customers, new cocktails to mix, and a pretty new bottle to display.

To learn more about Hackamore Energy, visit their website.