Glazier Works Invites NYC To Dine Out For Heroes

Dine Out For Heroes

Peter and Penny Glazier are passionate about creating positive opportunities and outcomes for veterans.

Glazier Works along with Caroline Hirsch and Andrew Fox of the New York Comedy Festival is spearheading the Dine Out for Heroes event. On Veterans Day (November 11, 2017), participating restaurants will donate one dollar per guest to the Bob Woodruff Foundation. The Bob Woodruff Foundation will invest the donations in a variety of programs that benefit veterans and improve their lives. Penny Glazier sought to create an event that would bring The Bob Woodruff Foundation, restaurants, and diners together for a worthy cause. “I wanted to create an opportunity that would allow the restaurant industry and the community to offer support to veterans,” Glazier explained.

Dine Out For HeroesInitially, Glazier was inspired by the Stand Up For Heroes event that was organized by Hirsch and Fox. Impressed by the results, Glazier and her husband began to consider ways to involve the restaurant industry. She was motivated by Bob Woodruff’s personal story, as well as the difficulties faced by returning veterans.

The Dine Out For Heroes event was designed to allow both restaurants and diners to participate. Restaurants are able to sign up and join a list of other participating establishments. It is then the responsibility of the restaurant to donate one dollar per cover. Diners have the opportunity to become involved in a couple of different ways. They can browse the list of participants and opt to try somewhere new or return to their favorite restaurant, knowing that their presence will generate one dollar to benefit veterans. In addition, there will be envelopes at the participating establishments that provide information on The Bob Woodruff Foundation. Diners will also have the opportunity to write a check or make a donation online. Depending on the volume of the restaurant, Glazier expects donations ranging from seventy-five to seven hundred and fifty dollars for each establishment.

Dine Out For Heroes
Penny Glazier (L) and Chef Alex Guarnaschelli (2L) are among the culinary council making Dine Out For Heroes happen.

Glazier Works has made it very easy for restaurants to become involved in the event. In order to participate, restaurants can log onto the Dine Out for Heroes website and click the ‘Get Your Restaurant Involved’ button. Upon filling out a brief form, the restaurant will then be added to the list of participants.

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The Dine Out For Heroes event is an excellent opportunity for both the restaurant industry and the community to support veterans. There are already a variety of wonderful participants ranging from BLT Steak, Vandal, and Tao, to The Smith, Nobu and Bagatelle. Glazier Works has experienced great success with this initiative in the past, and is optimistic that this year will be no different. On November 11, 2017, diners will have the chance to enjoy a great meal while knowing that their presence will directly benefit veterans through The Bob Woodruff Foundation. “The Dine Out For Heroes event provides a way for restaurants and the community to support veterans and their families while enjoying a delicious meal,” said Glazier.

To learn more about the Dine Out For Heroes event, visit their website.