Gina Marie Refrigerator Doors Refreshes Branding and Website

Gina Marie Refrigerator Doors

Gina Marie, a Refrigerator Door Specialist and Cold Storage service provider, headquartered out of Long Island, NY with offices in Elizabeth & Englishtown NJ, went live with their brand-new website this month. The 30-year-old Cold Storage business had digital goals in mind to get updated company information out to their clients across NY, NJ, CT, PA, DE, MD and all the way to Miami and Boston. Gina Marie enlisted 20 Lemons, a full-service marketing company to deliver on an impactful new website.

Gina Marie Refrigerator Doors“We all breathed a sigh of relief for not just the new year, but for the new website as well. We worked for months; planning, rebranding, editing, and researching constantly. Now after all of that we’re so glad to announce the new Gina Marie site went live yesterday,” said Dan Rizzo, CEO of Gina Marie.

Each and every sentence found on the old Gina Marie website was given a 2019 refresh. New products and services were added, and old descriptions and procedures were discarded. The website was given the high-resolution photography it deserved, and the upgraded, high-speed web server allowed new options for viewers to seamlessly scroll through the before/after galleries and product/service offerings.

The website update has given the Gina Marie team an entirely new medium in which to conduct business. Visitors to the website will now receive information quickly, as the site enables customers and company managers to connect faster than ever before.

Even more interesting, the new website was part of a brand refresh for Gina Marie. The 20 Lemons team took the old, low-resolution .jpg that was Gina Marie’s logo, and upgraded the label to a high-quality, vector graphic that can be reproduced in optimal resolutions, sizes, and color varieties for digital/print media, as well as for Gina Marie’s apparel and branded company vehicles. The logo was successfully refreshed to set new trends in brand design while also paying homage to the trustworthy tradition that Gina Marie’s leaders have established with their longtime customers.

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In the end, the logo fonts, colors, and depth influenced design for the business’ new website. The logo and digital platform came together to put the company’s marketing tools on par with the excellent work that Gina Marie employees guarantee to their customer base. Gina Marie officials now own a well-designed, informational, and efficient website. The team now sports a logo that customers new and old will trust as the leader in Refrigeration Installation and Repair. The next 30 years for this company have just begun!

Gina Marie Refrigerator DoorsAbout Gina Marie: In 1988, fate brought Alex Hunter and Pete Rizzo together when they met somewhere on Long Island, NY at a local deli where Alex had a refrigerator glass door laid out on a table, operating on it like a surgeon. Rizzo and Hunter came to an agreement for some material and a small independent client base consisting of local delis, bakeries, butcher shops, as well as flower shops.

With the commitment of “Pop”—Pete Rizzo to provide for his family and the enrollment of his first son Dan, who went to the University of South Florida for Sales & Marketing, the business grew quickly. Rizzo family member after Rizzo family member joined the business, and customers began to know that doing business with Gina Marie was like, being part of the family. Installing the best product and providing the best repair service was what the Rizzo family business does to this day.

With Pete’s sons, Dan & Dave, and Pete’s Baby brother John as CFO, Gina Marie successfully manages installs and service for practically every large Supermarket Chain, a multitude of 7-Eleven stores, CVS, and many independent food service facilities across New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware & Maryland.

Dan had requested 20 Lemons to brand the Future of Gina Marie into “Refrigerator Door Medics,” with the intention of providing their services in every major city in the United States of America. So, moving forward you will see this side by side branding to get folks familiarized with carrying out the tradition that the forefather of Alex Hunter had created back in 1958 and the vision of Pete & Dan Rizzo taking the business all the way through the 21st Century and beyond.

To learn more about Gina Marie refrigerator doors, visit their website.