Gather Takes Event Management Software To Next Level


With so many restaurant management tools on the market, it can be overwhelming to try and pinpoint that right piece of software. Especially since many of these software solutions are spending too much time copying each other instead of differentiating and finding their niche. Gather is proving to the industry that it belongs above the crowd.

GatherTotal Food Service recently sat down with Alex Lassiter, co-founder and Vice President of Customer Experience of Gather, to learn more about their innovative software platform. In simple terms, Gather is an industry leading event management software for restaurants and venues. About four years ago, Alex developed the idea for Gather with his co-founders and long-time friends Nick and Tom.

“We had spent some time working on the other side of the restaurant business planning events when a couple of restaurants we had worked with approached us and asked if there was an easier way for us to be able to manage private events,” said Lassiter. “We sat down with them, realized they were doing everything in these old manual methods and so we got started on a streamlined solution for them, It all grew from there.”

Alex Lassiter Gather
Alex Lassiter, Gather

So what makes Gather such a unique management software? Aside from Gather’s unparalleled commitment to superb customer service, the software’s interface is full of features. Gather can capture leads from your website and store them in the platform like a CRM tool, capturing the location of potential customers and ranking their level of interest.

On the management side of things, Gather can track past, present and future bookings in its shared calendar, allowing team members to instantly access the venue’s calendar for updates in real time. Gather’s software can also instantly update proposals, invoices and BEOs, and even offers electronic signing to truly make Gather a one-stop event shop.

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The Gather team spent the last few years establishing a foothold in some of the nation’s biggest markets and currently serves over 3,000 restaurants. “We started in Atlanta, expanded into New York, Nashville, and even Charleston. Once we started to get those markets established, we really started to grow,” said Lassiter. Gather is now handling event management for restaurants like Sage Restaurant Group, Il Fornaio, Blau, Mina, Strategic Hospitality and Bartaco.

Five years ago, it would be crazy to think you could plan and schedule events from your phone. Yet as technology has advanced, the foodservice industry has remained relatively stagnant. While there have been a few innovative advances in POS systems and in restaurant management, it wasn’t until about two years ago that we saw a massive foodservice-focused software boom. And at that point, there were so many options that it unfortunately kept restaurant owners from investing in software solutions. Even so, a few niche segments of the industry, like catering and foodservice, have remained untouched.

“When we came up with Gather, we wanted to redefine the industry by making things simple for everyone involved. Everybody from the event coordinator, sales partner, wait staff, caterer — anyone and everyone should be able to have a simple experience and that’s exactly what we set out to accomplish,” Lassiter concluded.

Today, Gather is the gold standard of what an event management software company should look like. When the founders came together to create the platform, they sought to build a product that people would need in five years and could develop even further five years after that. They continue to push the product by adding new features, but always keeping in mind their mission to create a simplified streamlined experience, accessible for everyone, anytime, anywhere.

Gather is an event management software for thousands of restaurants and venues. Gather enables restaurants, venues and hospitality companies of all sizes to manage and grow their events business, serving as the anchor between management, events teams and their customers. To request a demo, click here.