Friedlander Group’s United Restaurants Workers’ Comp Safety Group Post Decades Of 50% Plus Savings

Friedlander Group

For three generations, The Friedlander Group has been serving the insurance needs of the New York business community. Since 1926, the company’s vision has been guided by the Friedlander family. The company is a leading provider of workers’ compensation insurance in New York State, serving the restaurant, retail, wholesale, and hotel businesses, as well as oil dealers, social service providers, and residential health facilities.

Adam Friedlander is the latest member of the iconic family to bring his vision to the Purchase, NY company. In 1992, he pivoted the company to become the Workers’ Compensation leader in New York. With Adam’s carefully crafted plan, Friedlander Group now manages seven workers’ compensation safety groups, fully insured by the New York State Insurance Fund. The largest is the United Restaurants safety group, which has saved restaurants up to 52% a year since 1993.

A key to the Friedlander recipe for success is how it has successfully pooled the most safety conscious restaurants operating in New York and returns the profits on the Workers’ Compensation back to members in the form of a dividend. Members receive an upfront discount of 25%.  Although dividends are not guaranteed, dividends have averaged an additional 35% since 1993. Cumulative dividends paid to the seven safety groups is $212 million.

Having literally grown up in the insurance industry, Adam Friedlander recognizes that customer service is a priority to the members of the seven workers’ compensation safety group. So, Friedlander Group manages the workers’ compensation group and acts as the outsourced claims administrator, eliminating the need to deal with the complications and legal ramifications of mishandled claims. “Further, we provide a concierge service so that clients make only one call to Friedlander Group, not the NYS Insurance Fund and also handle NYS Disability Benefits coverage,” Adam Friedlander noted.

The Friedlander Group approach has always been to listen to the needs of its customer base and then share those findings with the industries and communities it serves. So Adam Friedlander has literally written the book, make that two books (both available on Amazon) on Workmens’ Compensation. His first book: How To Save Big on Workers’ Compensation is considered by many to be an industry standard.

Friedlander’s inaugural book stressed the importance of a “Culture of Caring.” While this requires more effort than simply placing a mat on a greasy floor, it doesn’t necessarily require a large investment of money, and can help an employer save significantly on workers’ comp. He outlined how the culture, starts at the very top, and permeates the entire organization. If employers show that they care about the safety and well-being of their workers, the employees are less likely to get injured, and will return to work more quickly after a workplace injury.

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Adam’s newest entry: Safety and Workers’ Compensation Strategies To Unleash Productivity and Profits has brought its readers the views of some of the nation’s top Thought Leaders. They include Paul O’Neil, former Secretary of Treasury of the United States under George W. Bush. Both books educate employers on how to save money, grow their company by optimizing productivity and creating a Culture of Caring.

Both books have been both critically acclaimed and well received by restaurant and hospitality executives looking for practical Workers’ Comp. solutions.

Friedlander has also become acutely aware of the challenges including increased minimum wages that are now facing the restaurant and foodservice operator. “We have the solution for safety conscious employers to capture savings and not pay for the claims of other restaurants that are not safety conscious,” Adam Friedlander explained. “It’s an overlooked and meaningful competitive advantage that the top restaurants are participating in.”

Operators that are seeking to put the Friedlander Group edge to work for their business can visit their website or call The Workers’ Compensation Leaders at 914-694-6000 ext. 206.