Fresh Mozzarella: Top 10 Things To Know

Lioni Bufala Fresca fresh mozzarella

Today’s chefs are constantly seeking to create a signature taste that keeps customers coming back.  At the top of that list is authentic bufala mozzarella, which can be found in everything from a great antipasto to any number of center of the plate entrees.

Creating great fresh mozzarella is more than just executing a recipe. It requires the right ingredients and tender loving care. A gifted chef certainly might be capable of producing quality mozzarella. But frankly, if you could purchase a high quality product at a price that eliminates the cost of daily labor… wouldn’t it make sense?

lioni bufala fresca 2New Jersey based Lioni enables you to consistently offer the highest quality authentic bufala mozzarella to your recipes. We wanted to bring our readership expertise in sourcing the right bufala mozzarella, so we turned to their master craftsman to share.

Here are the Top 10 things to consider in adding this crucial ingredient to a restaurant foodservice operator’s menu:

  1. It is important to determine how fresh mozzarella will be served at your restaurant. This will define what type and size mozzarella will be used.
  2. Fresh mozzarella comes in various sizes, for portion control, depending on the food application. It is referred to its Italian name size rather than just “plain” mozzarella. For example, Ovoline (Egg size), Bocconcini (Bite Size), Ciliegine (Cherry Size) etc.
  3. Fresh mozzarella can be packaged in water, hand-wrapped the “old fashioned way” or vacuum packed. It can also be smoked as a flavorful alternative.
  4. A premium mozzarella is moist and creamy and best for serving. A drier, less moist mozzarella is essential for use in cooking and ideal for melting.
  5. Fresh mozzarella is meant to be eaten fresh, so choosing a premium quality product is necessary. It is highly perishable and should be properly refrigerated to maintain its freshness.
  6. Fresh mozzarella is traditionally paired with tomatoes, basil and/or prosciutto.
  7. Fresh mozzarella can be used as a key ingredient in many traditional appetizers and entrees. Examples include a traditional Caprese Salad and a Margherita style pizza.
  8. Fresh mozzarella can be used in a variety of cuisines and is not limited to only traditional Mediterranean style cooking.
  9. Fresh mozzarella is best served at room temperature; it is recommended that it be left out a few hours before serving.
  10. Fresh mozzarella has now evolved into a highly exquisite cheese delicacy known as the burrata. A burrata is a fresh mozzarella filled-shell with a rich and creamy authentic panna di latte and pasta filata.

In 1980, the Salzarulo family brought its fine art of cheese making to Brooklyn, New York where it created a name for itself making fresh, whole milk mozzarella cheese. Lioni Latticini Inc. began its tradition in the Latticini business in the town of Lioni, Italy many decades ago. Within the past three decades, the Salzarulos have transformed their small neighborhood, family business into a nationally renowned manufacturer and distributor of fresh mozzarella in the United States. Today, Lioni is still a family owned and operated business that holds onto old Italian values and traditions, but now utilizes modern technology and computer-monitored equipment imported from Italy. For more information, contact Lori Church at 908-686-6061 or via email

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