Foodservice’s Proactive Leadership

José Andrés Mentorship proactive
Chef José Andrés serving meals prepared by World Central Kitchen to families who are living in the aftermath of a hurricane.
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Article contributed by Mike Berman, COO, Day & Nite/All Service

From Haiti to Mexico to Afghan refugees to New Orleans, whenever and wherever there’s a disaster you will find Chef Jose Andres and his magnificent World Central Kitchen there to provide much needed, caring relief. Recognizing the power of food empowers communities and energizes economies the already remarkable World Central Kitchen has worked at a more feverish pace in 2021 responding to a seemingly never-ending cycle of emergencies every corner of the globe with Hurricane Ida relief efforts the most recent example. Like most noble rescue and relief efforts, World Central Kitchen reacts with great speed, purpose and execution.

More than taking a page from Chef Andres’ playbook, the inaugural Hospitality Sustainability and Food Waste Summit scheduled for October 12th is designed to carry forward the great work World Central Kitchen and other organizations do by way of proactive, energized empowerment.  A platform event open to everyone and anyone connected to foodservice, The Summit’s goal is to combine collective wisdom, concepts and practices to reduce the volume of public health, environmental, human-made catastrophes shaping current and future world events. October 12th represents just a start of this important journey, there will be recurring summits featuring tangible results stemming from specific participating company actions.

G&A Institute’s Chairman and Chief Strategist Hank Boerner will moderate the first of 3 expert panel sessions Localizing Global Sustainability, followed by former GRI Managing Director and current ISOS Group Governance & Accountability expert Eric Israel hosting Making Green Thrive in a New World of Clean with dual highly connected emphasis on environmental and public health matters.  Dr Hiren Bhavsar from the esteemed State University of New York-Canton Agribusiness Management program and his panel of subject matter experts will wrap up the 9 AM thru noon Summit with a compelling Food Waste Realities and Best Practices discussion.  To bring out the industry’s best ideas, to share in the wealth of knowledge and practical solutions, all moderators and panelists look forward to active attendee participation and engagement.

Consistent with its ideals The Hospitality Sustainability and Food Waste Summit is a free event!  With a mission to proactively contribute to healthy living, empowered communities and energized economies, please join us 9 AM thru noon EDT Tuesday October 12, 2021 by registering here: Food Service Sustainability Summit Tickets, Tue, Oct 12, 2021 at 9:00 AM | Eventbrite. The world is changing…. and so is the view on corporate social responsibility, ESG ratings, and the impact of food waste. #FoodWasteStinks

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