Foodservice Equipment Upkeep: 10 Things To Know

Foodservice Equipment Upkeep

At Jay-Hill Repairs, they encourage the owners and operators of commercial kitchen equipment to be proactive in caring for and maintaining their kitchen equipment. Jay-Hill’s clients, who take this recommendation seriously, have notably less breakdowns and repairs, and their equipment enjoys a longer service life.

Total Food Service sat down with Jay-Hill to outline their Top 10 Things To Know About Foodservice Equipment Upkeep:

1) Follow manufacturer suggested daily maintenance.

a. Dig out your Operators Manual and train yourself and your staff on how to properly maintain your kitchen equipment. It will work better for you and have a longer service life. You’ve invested in the equipment, now invest in the time to care for it and make it last.

2) Never hose down any equipment or floors next to equipment.

a. Water dripping into control boxes can short out components and cause you unnecessary repair bills.

b. If your fryers and other equipment won’t start in the mornings, the ignition is probably wet from hosing the floors.

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3) Call your service agency as soon as a problem appears.

a. The faster the small problems are fixed the less your overall repairs costs will be throughout the year.

b. Don’t wait until FRIDAY! You know that’s when the equipment will quit on you and you’ll be in for an Overtime charge from your service agency.

c. If your equipment is old, looks old, acts old, start budgeting for replacement now.

4) Know your Water Quality.

a. Water Filtration is a key factor in many equipment types. Change Water Filters on a regular basis on all equipment.

b. If you have to put lemon in your water to make it taste okay, you are a candidate for filtering the water you put on the table and also through the ice machine. Everything is affected by the water you use. Mixed Drinks, Bakery products, cooking time etc.

5) Clean and sanitize your Ice Makers and change water filters at least 3 times a year.

a. There are bacteria growing inside your icemakers. Old people and youngsters are more apt to be affected by the bacteria. Proper water filtration and Cleaning and Sanitizing will keep them safe and the ice tasting fresh.

6) Descale and Change water filters on Boilers/Steam generators to extend life.

a. Steamers, Tilt Skillets, Kettles all have boilers, which convert cold water into steam. During this process, calcium (that white scum around the faucet) quickly adheres to the walls of the boiler compartment and corrosion begins. Also the chlorine in the water corrodes above the walls of the boiler. Proper water filtration can solve this in most cases.

7) Supervise and Train Kitchen staff to care for and maintain equipment. Abuse of your equipment will shorten its optimum service life.

a. Don’t allow staff to abuse the equipment. Make sure someone is in charge of the crew. Standing on oven doors, ramming carts into temp controls etc. will cost you a lot of money that you should never have to spend. If you have an employee who can’t appreciate your equipment, replace him/her. It’s cheaper than the continuing repairs.

8) Check temperatures on dishwashers daily.

Contact Jay-Hill for how to save money on this task.

9) Avoid garbage disposal repairs.

a. Clean all garbage of paper, wrap, plastic utensils etc. before running

b. Most disposer issues are caused by silverware or other banned items jamming it.

10) Call your service agency…

…if proper maintenance is an issue, then get a Maintenance Contract. It will save you money in the long run. Proper Maintenance of your equipment pays back in so many ways, not just the dollars saved in repairs.

Since 1972, Jay-Hill Repairs has been the leading independently owned Commercial Food Service, Parts and Service Company in North & Central New Jersey. For 44 years & three generations, we have kept your Cooking, Refrigeration & HVAC Equipment running properly. To learn more about how service from Jay-Hill Repairs can maintain your foodservice equipment upkeep, visit their website