Fueling the Food Truck Trend with Ventless Kitchen Equipment

food truck branding food truck kitchen equipment
Article contributed by Bess Wightman, Marketing Manager for Motion Technology Inc. 

It has been almost a decade since the food truck trend arrived on the food scene in 2010, and in the last eight years the trend has yet to hit the brakes. Food truck cuisine continues to grow in flavor, social media attention, and innovation. Fun menu options and quick service are driving forces behind the food truck industry’s success, which makes ventless fryers like AutoFry the perfect addition to the four wheel eateries.

Finding the right food truck kitchen equipment can make or break your business venture. At Motion Technology Inc we believe our products make that decision an easy one! Our AutoFry is ventless and also comes in convenient sizes that make it ideal for food truck operations.

When owners are dealing with limited space and resources, it’s important to find the right food truck kitchen equipment to enhance their food offering. Without the installation of hoods needed for the ventless fryers like AutoFry, food truck entrepreneurs can save on the large costs associated with that type of addition. 

food truck brandingFurthermore, the size of ventless fryers makes them easy to fit in the tightest cooking areas. This leaves room for additional food truck kitchen equipment, allowing business owners to elevate their menus and expand on creativity. After all, innovation is a major leader in the food truck revolution!

These days, people expect food trucks to carry unconventional fare that can be served up quickly. Whether they’re rushing on their lunch break, or racing against the dinner bell, people are finding that food trucks are a perfect way to get great food fast! Ventless fryers offer food truck kitchen equipment with both speed and originality. 

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Imagine opening a food truck dedicated to classic Italian sandwiches. You serve meatball, sausage, and even chicken parmesan, but what sets you apart from any other sub shop? How about the slab of breaded mozzarella that you quickly fried in just minutes in your ventless fryer, and top all of your sandwiches with! Suddenly your food truck kitchen equipment has you standing out against the competition, with the new MUST HAVE sandwich trend that’s prepared in no time.

While dreaming about the endless options provided by the right food truck kitchen equipment is fun, ventless fryers like AutoFry can help make it a reality. There has never been a better time for inspired chefs and entrepreneurs to test out new ideas, branding and concepts, and never a better vessel than the food truck to deliver them to the masses. So don’t let your opportunity drive off into the sunset, unless it’s in a food truck!