Flying South For The Summer

FOH Morgan Tucker M. Tucker

There’s a great myth in this business that there are slow seasons and busy seasons. In my experience, this has never been the case.

Morgan Tucker

It’s already been a whirlwind of a summer thus far. I started the month off in Miami where Chef’s Roll brought 23 of the world’s best culinary artists together for A Night at the (former) Versace Mansion. Chef’s Roll curates online professional identities on their digital platforms by showcasing plated dishes from chefs all over the world. Obsessed with the art of gastronomic presentation, the event combined teams of chefs to prepare stunning, “Instagram worthy” dishes on Front of the House dinnerware.

As you would expect from any exclusive culinary event in Florida, FOH was present with their passionate, energetic team, and their diverse product offering. We had the pleasure of tasting edible artwork on their disposable, renewable wood vessels as well as their smart culinary porcelain. My favorite dish came from the creative geniuses Brad Kilgore and Jamie Simpson. A classic wide-rimmed Monaco dish was adorned with a handmade stenciled Versace logo and filled with a jeweled-toned display of The Chef’s Garden produce, then garnished with summer truffles.

Fresh from celebrating their 15th anniversary, FOH is set to release their 26-piece Artefact collection. This release will make them the first manufacturer to combine the appearance of one-of-a-kind pottery with supreme strength porcelain at an approachable price point.

Another reason FOH may have a monopoly on the Florida tabletop scene is because of their expansive, innovative showroom. Whether you’re flying south this summer, or this winter, you’d be entirely remiss to not make the trip to Miami.

And I just wrapped up the end of the month in New Orleans at Tales of the Cocktail, the world’s premier cocktail festival. While chefs are treated like Rock stars these days, the mixologists and beverage directors are the guitar players that add grit, elegance, levity, or depth to any operation.

Elyx Morgan Tucker M. Tucker FOHIt didn’t take us long to recognize the hottest beverage trends once in town. If you’re wondering where those copper pineapples appearing on almost every cocktail forward bar in NYC are coming from, they’re made by Absolute Elyx. Elyx is obsessed with all copper everything, and so are we! At you’ll find our own collection of unique copper vessels to elevate your beverage program. Bar accessories are display items in today’s beverage world and the art of mixology and embellishing drinkware with unique and often absurd garnishes are taking over!

Host Milano January 2019 728×90

If the conference had a theme, it certainly was to address innovation and our future. This included seminars on minimizing food waste by sharing preservation techniques and demonstrations on how to use stems and skins behind the bar. Another trick – use mixed material vessels to dress up a flavor forward (but less than attractive hued) concoction!

If you read this column regularly, you’re certainly familiar with my fascination with The Chef’s Garden. (TCG supplied the garnishes for every William Grant & Sons cocktail at Tales!) Well, here’s your chance to visit us in Ohio this September to, “explore the creative and ingenious ways people are thinking out-of-the-box to solve problems, invigorate their cooking, and ensure that the food world of tomorrow is more vibrant, promising, and filled with hope and possibility than ever before.” Registration is open for Roots Innovate 2017! Join me, and my team, and my family.

M. Tucker will be giving away an all-expense paid trip to one of our customers! If you’re interested in hearing more about the details, please email me at

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Morgan Tucker
Morgan Tucker is the Director of Business Development at Singer M. Tucker and founder of LMT. Ms. Tucker advises a wide diversity of acclaimed restaurateurs, celebrated chefs, and industry leaders across the U.S. LMT is a thoughtfully curated brand of hospitality provisions that can be sourced through the Singer family of companies. To consult with our team, please email