Ferrarelle USA Announces Expansion into America

Strategic Partnership with Nation’s Leading Importer of Specialty Foods to Accelerate US Growth of Italy’s #1 Mineral Water

Ferrarelle USA, Italy’s leading naturally sparkling mineral water, announces a strategic partnership with Atalanta Corporation, one of the largest master distributor/importers of specialty food and beverages in the world, effective January 1st. The partnership, which is unanimously supported by all Ferrarelle distributors, is a major step supporting the strong growth path already established for the mineral water company in the US and shows a growing commitment to presence in America.

The partnership with Atalanta will allow Ferrarelle USA to leverage its growing brand equity in the US beverage and specialty foods market, which has resulted from an integrated marketing strategy begun in July 2011 that has included sponsorships, public relations, sales promotions and active event marketing. Director of Ferrarelle USA Ron Salerno, who has planned and managed the US brand development, commented, “Atalanta is the perfect partner for Ferrarelle at this stage of growth. It has become necessary to avail of greater horsepower and infrastructure to support our planned expansion. We’re confident that our business will get to the next level even faster with Atalanta expertise and support.”

Tom Gellert, President of Atalanta Corporation, added, “We’ve been looking for a prominent global water brand to enter the mineral water business for a while and in Ferrarelle we’re confident we’ve found the right partner. The product is of the highest quality and the company is very progressive in its marketing.²

Ferrarelle has the largest market share of all Italian sparkling waters; it is truly “The Water of Italy.” Unique among Italian mineral waters, Ferrarelle is naturally effervescent, drawn from its source in southern Italy with natural, tiny bubbles that produce a soft texture often described as “creamy” or “rich.” Other Italian sparkling waters are harvested flat then aggressively over-carbonated to maintain carbonation over time. Natural effervescence also gives Ferrarelle a much less salty taste compared to artificially carbonated waters. Rich in calcium, magnesium and fluoride with a higher mineral content than other Italian mineral waters, one liter of Ferrarelle provides 2/3 of the U.S.D.A. suggested daily requirement of calcium.

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The expansion of Ferrarelle into new retail outlets will be supported by Atalanta’s national sales team who will work in conjunction with Ferrarelle brand ambassadors to educate consumers on the water preferred by Italy’s top chefs and restaurateurs for its unique natural properties. Ferrarelle is one of the major sponsors for internationally renowned wine and culinary events such as Slow Wine, Vinitaly and Cochon 555, New York Fashion Week, Il Volo, Concorso Italiano, Golden Glass San Francisco.

As part of future expansion plans, Atalanta will warehouse Ferrarelle in additional stocking locations beyond existing facilities in NJ and CA.

About Ferrarelle USA

Ferrarelle USA (www.ferrarelleusa.com) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ferrarelle SpA responsible for all sales and marketing in the US. Purchased in 2005 by Italian entrepreneur Dr. Carlo Pontecorvo, Ferrarelle SpA (www.ferrarelle.it) operates in the bottling and distribution of mineral waters. The company’s brands include Ferrarelle, Natìa (still, natural mineral water), Sant Agata and Boario. Ferrarelle SpA brands are exported to more than 40 countries around the world.

About Atalanta

Since 1945, Atalanta (www.atalanta1.com) has been a driving force in food importing and international trading. In a world populated by millions of food producers and international traders, Atalanta has the financial strength, the international trading know-how, and the marketing expertise to seek out and deliver the world’s finest harvests. Atalanta is a member of the Gellert Global Group, whose member companies have been importing food products for over 100 years. The company has a presence on three continents and agents in every major commerce center in the world. Atalanta’s dedication to research and close communication with suppliers, distributors and retailers ‹ as well as hard-earned purchasing power ‹ positions the company at the forefront of the industry.