Fall Vegetables To Incorporate Into Your Menu

fall vegetables

Somehow we’re already in the middle of fall. The days are short, the temperature dropping, and literally everything is a glorious color. Which means everything at the farmers market is too!

When thinking of farmers markets and buying local I usually think of summer days, but fall is actually my favorite season for all vegetables and fruits alike. There is nothing better than using in season produce in your menu. There is something about knowing this is when it is in its prime, and the lower costs usually help as well.


Let’s get all this orangey goodness on the list right away. I know they’re all obvious, but when I think of fall I know they need to be first. While over the past few years the pumpkin craze has gotten out of hand,it is ridiculously popular for a reason. I don’t think you need to have a five course squash meal but there is nothing wrong with utilizing these bright colors in new ways.


If I see a dish with ginger I will always order it. Ice cream, noodles, an old sponge…. There are few things that can’t be improved with some freshly grated ginger, and what better time than to appreciate this weirdly shaped root then when it is at its peak season? While it may not be the centerpiece for any meal, it definitely gives you some autumnal taste without being too obvious.


Eggplant is one of those vegetables that can absolutely make a dish. A perfectly prepared eggplant will have you thinking about it days after you eat it, if you’re anything like me. Roast them, grille them, saute them, any which way you prepare them during their prime time is going to be amazing. Toss some tomatoes in a pan with them, for a two in one seasonal produce extravaganza!

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Autumn is filled with such gorgeous colors in New England, so it is only appropriate that the dishes served should reflect that. What better way than to add some brightness, visually as well as taste wise than to add some pomegranate? Whether it is over a salad or a seasonally appropriate cocktail, you can always find a home for the ruby red seeds.


One of the best things about mushrooms is that there are so many different types. There is something about how they carry such an earthy flavor that makes them perfect for any type of fall dish, or even a side of their own. Few things are better than a well-executed mushroom burger in my book, it’s a perfect platform to add so many different flavors.

While some of these are a little less popular year round, I’m looking at you pumpkin, you can always highlight your personal dishes with a little extra fall flavor. A run to the farmers market has never been so fun, just trade out your flip flops for some riding boots and you’re good to go.

This article contributed by Megan Nixon from Upserve