Eurodib Taps Industry Veteran Landis To Regional Sales Post


With over 37 years experience in the industry, Charlie Landis of Eurodib is about as experienced as you get when it comes to equipment.

This industry is always changing for better and for worse and the equipment manufacturing side of that is an ever-changing ever-adapting marketplace. Just look at sous-vide for a second, it was adopted in France in 1974 by the iconic chef George Pralus, it took 30 or so years but has now become one of the biggest crazes to ever hit the culinary scene. Now you cannot go to any equipment manufacturer’s website without seeing a section on sous-vide.

Charlie Landis Eurodib
Charlie Landis, Eurodib

Landis originally spent 15 years working on the manufacturing end of the industry, working for companies like Dunhill Foodservice, Supreme Metal Fabricators, Parts Restaurant Equipment and a few others. After Landis left the manufacturing end, he became a rep with Carl Kaufman and Associates and sold Eurodib products. After the merger with BSE Marketing, Eurodib was brought along. Landis then worked for two years with Stuart Kresin Enterprises before returning to work exclusively with Eurodib.

With 18 years of experience with Eurodib products the transition was seamless and easy. “When you are a rep you are dealing with 15-20 factories where you have to divide up your time and basically perform a juggling routine. Now with one broad line of products I am able to dig a little deeper and go a little further,” Landis added. Now Landis’ focus with Eurodib is to pay more attention to their higher priced items like their dishwashers, ice machines, and vacuum packing.”

With the amount of experience that 37 years in the industry can give you is what gives Landis and Eurodib the understanding of this marketplace. “Most dealers have basically become more price conscious than quality conscious,” said Landis. These combinations of price, availability, and freight programs have become the concerns for everyone in the industry, which is why innovation and quality are more important than ever to stand out in this market.

Eurodib has just unveiled some new innovative products coming out of one of their French factories called Krampouz. They have just come out with a warmer that can handle squeeze bottles to warm syrups and sauces before you serve it. Another new product being unveiled is the Smoking Gun Pro by Polyscience that you simply point at the food to give it that beloved smoky flavor. The latest and greatest coming out is another Polyscience product called The Control Freak. This hyper specific induction cooking system is one of the most precise systems on the market. It will not go up or down a few degrees, it maintains a controlled consistent temperature.

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This type of dedication to their products and their customers is what helps Eurodib stand out. Landis and his vast experience in the industry give Eurodib a knowledgeable perspective that can really help chefs, caterers, and restaurateurs get ahead and make their business grow.

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