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Ed Daniels Pro-Tek

PRO-TEK Celebrates Move to New Plainview Home

Ed Daniels began his business career with a vision in the late 70’s. “I have always been a entrepreneur at heart, and had a passion for all aspects of the food service business. I began selling chemicals and with really hard work, turned myself into a top sales person. But I always knew that I wanted to be my own boss.”

So at a very young age the Long Island native set out on his own with a series of business successes, however not without a few speed bumps. Some 30 years later that has led to the establishment of one of the Metro New York’s most respected kitchen equipment service firms: under the primary banner of PRO-TEK.

Daniels now shares centerstage with his son Chad, which has enabled PRO-TEK to blend today’s technology with old-fashioned customer service. PRO-TEK’s growth has created a firm with a staff of over fifty, and affiliate companies with over one hundred employees, contributing to a company that, with pioneering ideas, is a leading service provider in the northeast region of the United States, representing manufacturers both national and international.

That explosive expansion has facilitated the company’s recent move to a spectacular new home in Plainview, NY. However the very same vision remains from the humble beginnings in a small building in Queens, NY.

“The goal remains to deliver quality service consistently, with competitive pricing, and always be sensitive to the specific needs of the operator; every food service manager has different perceptions of what is most important when it comes to service,” Ed Daniels explained.

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“The business today is about getting it right on the first service call,” Ed Daniels explained. “So our new facility will maximize the level of communication between our technicians in the field and our support teams to achieve and maintain customer satisfaction.”

PRO-TEK also understands that factory training and factory support is an integral part of being able to deliver quality service. Therefore, the development of factory relationships has become a priority.

“What has happened today is that manufacturers have become very strict about who can work on their equipment to protect the integrity of the warranty. So those relationships have become more important than ever,” Ed Daniels continued.

Today PRO-TEK employs, between its three companies, over one hundred people with over fifty service vehicles on the road each day. PRO-TEK also has strong relationships with and is authorized by over thirty manufacturers worldwide, priding itself in being an award winner for some of the largest factories.

“I understand that the only way our businesses works is with great people. So my goal is always to find people like Diane Rossi, General Manager of PRO-TEK, Jody Cronin, Controller of PRO-TEK, and Jessica Hymowitz, General Manager of PRO-PLUS, and empower them to lead us.”

With Chad Daniels’ vision, PRO-TEK’s second generation, has brought state of the art technology, such as tablets and service software, which aids in the delivery of timely service. Paper(less) work and billing quickly follows after service is provided.

PRO-TEK inventory carries replacement parts, which facilitates the repair of critical equipment in today’s active kitchens. When installing equipment, PRO-TEK does not consider the install done until the customer/operator knows how to use and perform daily maintenance on the equipment; only then do we consider the installation complete.

For Ed Daniels much of that discipline and focus to get it right has come from his personal pursuits. “I have found great focus in my life through my commitment to the martial arts.”

“The 12 year challenge of getting my martial arts black belt enabled me to deal successfully with any kind of challenge and beat it. PRO-TEK realized early on that almost every kitchen has multiple pieces of kitchen equipment. So our goal was to add trained technicians to join the PRO-TEK family to ensure that under one roof, the total service program can be offered to our valued customers.”

“Our customers are appreciative that we make the effort and investment to become, and keep our technicians qualified and updated on all types of kitchen equipment, to include both hot and cold,” stated Daniels.

With the creation of The “PAY ONE PRICE” concept, PRO-TEK has simplified the process for its Metro New York customer base. PRO-TEK introduced its program to accommodate customers who love the service and maintenance programs offered and also want the comfort of knowing upfront what the annual cost of maintenance will be.

This program offers, for one fixed monthly rate, unlimited labor and parts required to keep the equipment running properly and safely during the contract period.

Success in business has brought recognition for the Daniels’ guided firm. Ed Daniels was a recipient of the SHFM Directors Awards for Spirit, which are presented to individuals who consistently demonstrate qualities of loyalty, dedication and enthusiasm for the Society.

With a track record of providing top quality service for leading foodservice accounts including the New York Hilton, Prudential Insurance and Nobu Restaurant, a top flight team of technicians and support and a new state of the industry facility, the Daniels’ led PRO-TEK team is perfectly positioned for continued growth.

Ed Daniels is currently scheduled to travel the country to continue the building of strong relations with top manufacturers, as he has learned that this is one of the key ingredients to being a credible and effective service agency for the end user.

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