Doyle Proves You Can Come Home Again As TD Marketing And EMI Announce Pact

TD Marketing and EMI
For TD Marketing’s Frank Doyle (R), his firm’s new affiliation with EMI marks a return to his roots as a sales executive at the New Jersey based fabricator where he launched his career in the mid-90’s.

Frank Doyle may have started out in custom fabrication at Marlo Manufacturing, now EMI Industries – New Jersey Division. But it wasn’t long before the owners saw something else in him – real sales ability. Over the years, Doyle used everything he’d learned to start up and lead a new company that would bring together people from almost all aspects of foodservice to help manufacturers sell their products more effectively.

“Marlo (now EMI New Jersey) taught me from the ground up – how to estimate fabrication, how to read a ruler, how to hand-draw. It was custom chef’s lines and all kinds of custom dish tables.  Every day I went into the office, it was something new,” Doyle said. “And the owners saw the sales side of me. They encouraged me to get out on the road, and start visiting with consultants and dealers, the marketplace, as well as the multi-unit operators.  And it took off from there.”

But this wasn’t Doyle’s first introduction to the foodservice industry.  “I grew up in the industry.  Our company, Frank J. Doyle Inc., started with my grandfather back in the 1930s,” Doyle noted. “He and my father were manufacturer’s representatives. So growing up, I knew that I would ultimately land in this industry. Prior to jumping into the family business, however, I felt it was super important for me to go through the traditional roles and learn everything there is to learn about the foodservice industry, not just go and work for the family business.”

Doyle went on to Paul Smith College in hotel restaurant management.  “I could have easily jumped into the family business, after graduating, but I didn’t think that was the right move. I really wanted to do things on my own, to get a better understanding and be a little bit more professional. So I went to work for a manufacturer to really understand what they were looking for in sales representatives.”

And that’s where TD Marketing began. “I teamed up with my cousin, Kevin Tormey, to start the company. At the time, our industry was just starting to consolidate,” Doyle recalled.

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Fast forward to 2016 with the recent EMI move to select TD Marketing to represent the firm in Metro New York.  “At EMI, we traditionally deploy a direct sales model,” explained EMI’s local Director of Operations Chris Rapciewicz.

“We have made a strategic decision for our New York City division based in Boonton, N.J., to work with TD Marketing. TD will bring unique value by specifying EMI on projects, as well as by getting us a prime specification for some of those projects. It will be a mutually beneficial partnership to the growth plans of both EMI and TD,” Rapciewicz added.

EMI is an award-winning manufacturer of standard and customized fixtures, displays and equipment for the food service, institutional and retail industries. What sets EMI apart from other manufacturers is its wide range of capabilities: by specializing in metal, millwork, solid surface, quartz and refrigeration products, EMI has the ability to design, craft and deliver an entire store, from front to back.  Additionally, EMI has five multi-regional manufacturing divisions in Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Texas, and over 400,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space. This allows EMI work efficiently with the individual growth plans of its customers, and gives the ability to redistribute manufacturing capacity when needed.

Recently, EMI New Jersey added 4,000 square feet of space to move productions lines and allow room for growth.  EMI chose to partner with TD Marketing because of the extensive tri-state marketplace knowledge that TD’s team of 15 seasoned individuals brings. With over 400 brands from top manufacturers and 250 years of combined service, Doyle is confident that TD Marketing is appropriately positioned to work with manufacturers and assist them with getting their products into the marketplace.

“There were really big companies buying other companies and before we knew it, there were going to be huge conflicts in the marketplace. So we decided that we were going to come into the metropolitan New York marketplace with a different outlook and perspective on what it takes to be a manufacturer and representative,” Doyle affirmed.

“That was back in 2000,” he asserted proudly, “And since then, we’ve grown double digits every year. We were able to merge with my father in 2003, when Frank J. Doyle incorporated. My father was at the point where he wanted to slowly work on his retirement, so we teamed up with him at Frank J. Doyle Incorporated. That is what brought our family to TD Marketing.”

One of the things that sets TD Marketing apart is the fully functioning demo test kitchen the cousins set up to demonstrate their products and invite manufacturers to come in and cook with them. “We can build custom shelving to make sure that you maximize your storage capabilities. Custom fabrication, it’s an important part of any and every kitchen. We can build exactly to the chef’s specifications. The chef’s wants and needs are going to be answered with a company like EMI Industries,” Doyle explained.

“In the old days, it was almost all stainless steel and very institutional-looking. Today, with the open style kitchens, it’s all about solid surfaces, millwork, lighting and openness.  The days of the double-over shelves with the heat strips going down, blocking the view of the chef and the cooking line, are over. Now, there are retractable warmers coming down from the ceiling so that the customers coming to dine can have a full visual experience.  EMI’s extended capabilities will allow TD to offer a wider range of options to the end-users.”

Doyle says his company is unique because it’s a very hands-on place.  “If you look at our team, we all came from within the foodservice industry in one aspect or another. Some of us were owner-operators; some of us were chefs; some worked for dealerships, consultants, or manufacturers.  Finally, some of us actually came from the competitive rep groups. We had extensive industry experience in all different levels of the foodservice industry, which is a huge value-added service.”

He points out the company is not an order taker. “You can’t be, in this day and age. You have to be the first one to the dance floor to get the sale opportunity and get the order. To  do that, marketing is everything. The marketing side of the business is strategic,” Doyle said. “How do you take brands that sometimes don’t have any recognition in the territory, or even nationally for that matter, and get them recognized and then specified on orders?”

Doyle maintained that his firm’s key goal is to “associate people with our brand so you get that warm, fuzzy feeling when you look at a Chill Rite beer system and the owner of Danny’s Steakhouse, Danny Murphy, is giving us that beautiful testimonial of how much he enjoys working with Chill Rite and what it’s done to help the profitability in his small business. That gives me the chills, that’s what excites me: when we can make an owner-operator of a small business more successful and more profitable.  That’s a home run right there. We are so excited about starting to create those same types of success stories for EMI New Jersey within the Metro New York foodservice community.

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