Colman’s Quality & Unforgettable Flavor Heat Up The Chefs’ Warehouse

Premiere Foodservice Distributor Delivers Colman’s Finest

If there is one thing food service professionals know well, it is that ingredients are everything in the final outcome of a culinary creation. Careers and reputations hinge on quality, flavor and consistency. That is what makes Colman’s a premiere ingredient in commercial kitchens across the U.S. and rank among the top products on the roster at the revered The Chefs’ Warehouse, where the chefs shop. 

The Chefs' Warehouse is a premiere foodservice distributor delivering unique products to the finest restaurants, hotels and gourmet stores across the United States.Based in the culinary hubs of Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, D.C. and Miami, The Chefs’ Warehouse has a finger on the pulse of gastronomic trends and ingredients of the highest quality and most sought after flavor attributes. So it’s no surprise that they also carry Colman’s mustard as part of their roster of fine ingredients.

“We stock over 12,000 products throughout the United States. The consistent high quality of Colman’s makes it a go-to resource for our professional chef customers. We aim to supply our customers with ingredients that enable them to customize a unique, high-quality menu; Colman’s is one of those ingredients,” said Robyn Batz, Marketing Department at The Chef’s Warehouse.

Not just another condiment, Colman’s is celebrated for its quality and zest that transforms a dish into something unforgettable. Celebrating a rich history, Colman’s is an iconic brand that sets standards for complexity and versatility selling to the tune of 45 jars every minute all over the world.  Professional chefs agree that the fresh and zesty flavor integrates seamlessly into dressings, soups and stews, marinades, rubs, sauces and desserts adding an extra special kick of smoldering flavor.

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Colman’s distinctive and incredibly flavorful mustards provide a slow-building heat that does not overpower but rather enhances with unique layers of flavor in everything from Asian dishes to American grilling favorites. For more information on The Chefs’ Warehouse, go to and Complete Your Cooking with Colman’s™.

Come and see for yourself why Colman’s Mustard stands out from the rest at Schreiber Foods International, booth # 4185 at this year’s 94th Annual National Restaurant Show in Chicago, IL, May 18 – 21.