Q&A Robert Irvine

You probably know him from “Restaurant: Impossible,” where he takes a failing one and works a miracle with both the eating establishment and the owners and employees, or his new show, Restaurant Express, where chefs face off for the chance at their dream eatery. Now Robert Irvine is a "Man on a Mission" in Metro New York to let foodservice operators know the benefits of an innovative ice-making subscription program.

Diane Neville People Resources Shake Shack

Diane Neville Q&A

Senior VP, People Resources, Shake Shack
Michel Mroue´

Michel Mroue´ Q&A

Executive Director of the NYC Food & Beverage Hospitality Council (a program by NYC Small Business Services)

Q&A Paul Grieco

What brought you into the industry?
I was born in the industry. My grandfather opened a restaurant in Toronto in 1961 called La Scala, same name as the opera house in Milan. My father joined him on the first day, and then I was literally born there in 1965.

Guy Lombardi Q&A

As they say, “there’s nothing like mama’s cooking”, and Guy Lombardi knows this first hand. Growing up in Avellino, Italy, Guy was spoiled by his mother’s traditional Italian cooking. At a young age he was exposed to all aspects of the kitchen, helping his mother as much as he could, igniting the passion that has led to the Lombardi Empire that stands today.

Josh Laurano

Josh Laurano Q&A

Executive Chef / Partner, La Sirena
Andy Lansing Levy Restaurants

Andy Lansing Q&A

President & CEO, Levy
Gabriel Stulman Happy Cooking Hospitality NYC

Gabriel Stulman Q&A

Restaurateur and Founder/CEO, Happy Cooking Hospitality

Q&A Mark Freeman

How did you get into the industry?
Like many of my colleagues, I started my career in front of a sink in the dish room. During high school, I was a “pearl diver” at a restaurant in my hometown of Olympia, Washington. The food bug bit me early. I stayed in the industry, in various positions, while in college and when I graduated I began feeding college kids with a company called SAGA.

Kimberly Brock Brown ACF American Culinary Federation

Kimberly Brock Brown Q&A

Celebrity Chef and President, American Culinary Federation