Beth Shapiro Q&A

What was the mission you inherited and how has it evolved?

When you look at the vast size and scope of the New York City hospitality industry, it’s larger than many states.

Q&A Maricel Presilla

So how did you get into the industry?
How did I get into the industry? Well, it was a chance meeting at a restaurant in Manhattan called The Ballroom It was owned by a very famous chef at the time. His name was Felipe Rojas-Lombardi. He had been an assistant of the great James Beard at his cooking school and was very well connected. He had opened the first tapas bar in the US with a cabaret where many great singers like Peggy Lee performed.

Andrew Rigie Q&A

What led to the creation of the Hospitality Alliance?

When you look at the vast size and scope of the New York City hospitality industry, it’s larger than many states. There are more than 24,000 eating and drinking establishments in the five boroughs.

Alex Guarnaschelli Q&A

For this month's exclusive Q&A interview, Total Food Service sat down to talk with Alex Guarnaschelli, Celebrity Chef and Executive Chef at NYC’s Butter...

Q&A Alain Ducasse

Ducasse owns and operates 26 restaurants spanning nine countries – three of them, in Monaco, Paris, and London—have been awarded three Michelin stars each in recognition of unparalleled levels of creativity and excellence.

Q&A Anthony Leone

Anthony Leone of Energy Kitchen chatted with Total Food Service about his philosophy behind his succesful new restaurant and where he sees the franchise headed.

Michel Richard Q&A

Michel Richard, the internationally-known chef with restaurants in Washington, D.C., and Las Vegas is the latest addition to Revel’s culinary lineup. He chatted with Total Food Service about his new partnership with Revel and his history in Foodservice.

Daniel Humm & Will Guidara

Daniel Humm and Will Guidara of Eleven Madison Park in New York City, caught up with Total Food Service to discuss their beginnings in foodservice and the vision they have for the future of their restaurant.

Christina Tosi Q&A

How did you start out in the food business?

My family’s from Ohio and food was a really big central part of our daily lives.  You meet up around food; you cook food and bring it to other people.  Food continued to be a really big part of our family life so I fell in love with food and feeding others at a very early age...

Ahmass Fakahany & Chef Michael White Q&A

Brick by brick they built the Altamarea Group with a shared vision to create restaurant brands that are distinct in concept but united in delivering unsurpassed quality and outstanding service. Total Food sat down with Ahmass to discuss Altamarea Group's beginning and future.