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Is Using Sales Tax Revenue To Run Your Business A Wise...

Merchants who use sales tax revenue as working capital rarely take time to understand the true cost and potentially catastrophic legal pitfalls until it’s too late.

The Importance of Your Digits

Our hands and fingers are important in setting us apart from animals. The thumb is the most important digit that does this because of the opposition that is created

Comfort Food’s New Appearance On Fine Dinnerware

Who doesn’t love comfort food? It’s warm and delicious and usually cheesy. But as the world changes, so does our culture, and our definition...

The Five Ws of Restaurant Branding: Who, What, When, Where and...

Most independent restaurant owners think they’re in the food business, when in reality, they’re in the experience business. And the only way to deliver a unique and consistent experience that will endear you to your customers is through a well thought-out and developed brand.

Harlem is Happening! Uptown’s Culinary Evolution

Harlem has emerged as one of the city’s trending dining scenes in recent years with restaurant openings from star chefs like Marcus Samuelsson, Alexander Smalls and Joseph “JJ” Johnson.

What I Learned From The 2016 Election

Over the last seven presidential elections I have shared my thoughts as to how the results could affect various segments of the business community...

Safety Standards for US Importers & Foreign Exporters

Know the requirements for food products that are manufactured or processed outside the country.

Keep Changing And Innovating

Article by Jonathan White, White Coffee I travel for many business conventions. As part of these conferences, each organization usually hosts a series of seminars...

Ask Andrew From the NYC Hospitality Alliance – April 2016

Andrew Rigie, Executive Director of The NYC Hospitality Alliance, answers hot topics relating to New York City’s hospitality industry.

Safety First: How Investing In On-Site Management Can Reduce Your Bottom-Line

Even the best safety programs require proper on-site management training and involvement in order to be successful. By investing in hiring and training experienced on-site managers, businesses can actually save a significant amount of money in the long run...