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Pressure Cooking: Mental Health & the Professional Chef

Carpal tunnel syndrome, 'chef's foot' and a plethora of back problems: this is just a small selection of physical health issues affecting professional chefs, thanks to hours spent on their feet and the requirement to frequently lift heavy objects. In addition to the physical strains of the job come mental strains as well. Some of the most common health problems experienced in the industry affect mental health rather than physical health, (although the two are often related).

Chef Merlin Verrier

He may only have been four when his family moved to Santa Cruz but it would affect him for a lifetime, says Merlin Verrier. “People on the East Coast may not know but Santa Cruz is a huge agricultural area. I remember going to farmer’s markets all the time.”

Mark Strausman Barneys New York Freds at Barneys

Mark Strausman Guides Barneys’ Culinary Vision For National Rollout

World renowned chef Mark Strausman has been with Barneys New York for more than two decades and will guide Barneys’ culinary vision for their national rollout of Freds at Barneys restaurants across the country. The native New Yorker grew up in Queens and has overseen openings around the country.

Giusti Led Brigaid Is All Set To Bring CT Recipe For Success To NYC...

Followed by its phenomenal success in the State of Connecticut, Brigaid and its' seasoned chefs are now coming to New York City's Public Schools in September.
Daniela Soto-Innes

Daniela Soto-Innes, Chef de Cuisine, Cosme, New York, NY

Daniela Soto-Innes comes from a long line of women who love food and cooking. Visiting food markets and restaurants in Mexico City from a young...
Kenneth Johnson Pescatore

Chef Kenneth Johnson

Kenneth Johnson was always cooking for his group of friends and his family. He began working in New York City kitchens in 1989 as a line cook at Bouley. He took that love to the next level when he attended the New York Restaurant School where he graduated in 1989 with honors. Johnson then went on to work at various restaurants in New York including Picholine Restaurant, The Terrace, and Osteria Laguna.
Hamilton Princess

Chef Marcus Samuelsson Opens Pop-up Restaurant at The Fairmont Hamilton Princess 

Acclaimed chef Marcus Samuelsson has opened a two month pop-up restaurant, Samuelsson at HP, from June 3rd to August 3rd 2014 at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess.

Teen Chef Charging $150 For NYC Pop-Up Dinners

Some deride teenagers as good-for-nothing layabouts making no contribution to society; but that's forgetting their aptitude for emerging technologies, their sense of fun and their willingness to think outside the box.

Sex On The Table Chef Fed Aphrodisiac Cooking Class

Sex on the Table’s Chef Fed

At Sex on the Table you can expect 20 yearly unique underground dinners created by exceptional chefs and held in unusual locations. Expect unique and surprising food pairings and social introductions. The word “aphrodisiac” is very loaded.
Maria Loi

Maria Loi Q&A

Executive Chef/Owner, Loi Estiatorio, New York, NY