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NYC Food Waste Fair

DSNY’s Foundation for New York’s Strongest Announces its First NYC Food Waste Fair

NYC Department of Sanitation and its Foundation for New York’s Strongest Announce NYC Food Waste Fair New York City businesses throw away more than 650,000 tons...

Emma Bengtsson, Executive Chef at Aquavit, NYC

Bengtsson grew up in a small town on the west coast of Sweden and became interested in the culinary arts at a very young age, thanks to her grandmother, who was an avid home cook.

Executive Chef Massimo Fedozzi

While growing up in Northern Italy, Fedozzi was intimately involved with food from a young age. He learned about pastas and antipasti at his parents’ salumi shops in Genova and delighted in the meals and aromas while his family gathered around the kitchen table.

Chef Merlin Verrier

He may only have been four when his family moved to Santa Cruz but it would affect him for a lifetime, says Merlin Verrier. “People on the East Coast may not know but Santa Cruz is a huge agricultural area. I remember going to farmer’s markets all the time.”

Women Chefs

2015 Women Chefs & Restaurateurs Conference

April 18, 2015 was opening night for this year’s annual conference of Women Chefs and Restaurateurs. Held at Times Square’s Hudson Theatre, it ran until April 20 to glowing reviews.

Chef Seamus Participates in the NYC Arthritis Walk, Urges Local Chefs to Join!

Chef Seamus Mullen is a leader in raising awareness. With a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2007, the publication of his cookbook, Hero Food which focuses on the healing capabilities of different foods, and his acceptance of Celebrity Honoree in the 2014 NYC Walk to Cure Arthritis, Chef Mullen has brought this disease to light for many.

C-CAP Grad Pastry Chef Stephanie Grajales

Sampling Stephanie’s recent creations at an event, Susan Robbins, C-CAP’s President, noted, “Stephanie has tremendous talent and for those who don’t recognize women as Gods of the Food Industry, they should stop by the Ritz Carlton Central Park to see this rising star.”

fishburger montauk sustainable

NYC Chefs Unite With Montauk Fishermen To Create NY State’s 1st Sustainable Fishburger For...

An alliance of established chefs from multiple east end communities announced today a unique initiative designed to reconnect local elementary and high school students to an increasingly abundant nutritional resource being responsibly harvested, under strict federal and state fisheries management regulations, from the waters off of eastern Long Island.

Amanda Freitag

NJ Celebrity Chef Amanda Freitag Fights Childhood Obesity

New Jersey Top Chef Ariane Duarte who appeared on TV’s Top Chef and husband/partner Michael Duarte teamed up with Chef Amanda Freitag from Food Networks’s CHOPPED, and Carla Hall from ABC’s The Chew, for an evening of food, wine, friends, and charity last month at the Duarte’s CulinAriane in Montclair.

Physical Therapy for Metro New York’s Chef’s Aches & Pains

This means it’s easy to injure yourself in the kitchen. Physical therapist Karena Wu specializes in treating Chefs. From Wylie Dufresne to (WD-50 & Top Chef, Iron Chef) to Seamus Mullen (Tertulia & Chopped judge) Karena has treated Chefs for conditions like arthritis and general wear and tear from the life of a Chef.