Calandra’s Provides Fresh From The Hearth Baked Solutions For Foodservice Industry

Calandra's Bakery

One of New Jersey’s most iconic retail bakeries has been sitting on a secret of sorts. Calandra’s Bakery is now offering a full line of breads and baked goods to the Metro New York food service professional.  Since its launch in 1962, the family owned, and operated business has grown to a team of some 800 people. The Calandra story is truly one of those made for Hollywood scripts. The story began in 1958 when his visionary father Luciano migrated to the United States from Sicily.

Calandra's Bakery“We now have about 50 trucks on the road, delivering our products to local restaurants and supermarkets, and we have a dedicated team with a solid commitment to excellence,” noted Luciano’s son Anthony Calandra. “We are also present in the hotel industry as well as the restaurant industry and we own three restaurants,” Calandra added. Besides bakery, hotel and the restaurant industry, Calandra’s Bakery is also involved in the deli business with its own deli and according to Anthony, Calandra makes its own sauce, which is quite popular and is distributed in the local supermarkets.

In addition, Calandra also makes its own fresh pastas and fresh gelato in its restaurants for its customers. With Italian roots and American history, the brand has been a trendsetter in the Tri-State area and has evolved alongside New Yorkers and the people of New Jersey. Moreover, Calandra is also the official bakery and bread supplier of MetLife Stadium, the Prudential Center, and Red Bull Arena. The brand is not only familiar with these renowned names but is also a popular choice for the residents, who have shown their faith in the company for the past five decades.

“We at Calandra’s Bakery take great pride in serving delicious baked products and we offer an incredible selection of Italian and French breads, whole grain breads, and a full line of pastries, cookies, and cakes for all occasions. Our bread is available at most major supermarkets in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and the Connecticut area, and we are the first choice of many fine restaurants, catering facilities, delis, hotels, and casinos.”

“We have waited to expand our offerings to the restaurant and foodservice customer base,” Calandra explained. “My Dad always felt that unless we could deliver a bread that could burn the fingers of a customer because it was so fresh, that we would pass.” Today’s modern technology makes the consistent delivery of a fresh Calandra loaf a reality.

Interested restaurants or foodservice operators can simply fill out an online form in order to become its wholesale distributor. The website also details the retail locations and supermarkets from where customers can get Calandra’s goods easily. Furthermore, the interactive website also regularly features discount offers, gift cards, giveaways and coupons for its valued customers.

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The Calandra’s brand has emerged as a one stop solution for authentic Italian baked goods and has now expanded as well. The company’s history is filled with the unconditional love from the local people and relentless hard work and dedication by the Calandra family and the bakery’s staff.

Besides being a perfect Italian bakery, Calandra’s is also a true success story and the ultimate example of the American Dream. Now those very same high quality areas can be a part of your foodservice menu.

To learn more about Calandra’s Bakery, visit their website.