Caffé Moak Now Offered In Metro New York

Moak began as Giovanni Spadola followed his passion for espresso coffee excellence by starting his business with a single roasting machine.

As word spread beyond Sicily and Southern Italy of Moak’s exceptional taste, the company grew in size and production capacity. Today, through his steadfast dedication to quality, Moak has become one of the most important espresso producers in the world and is enjoyed in 45 countries.

When the company decided it was time to expand to the United States, they hired Design Foods in East Norwich, NY as their exclusive importer.

Charlie Mastropaolo, one of the owners of Design Foods, stated, “We are proud and honored to represent such a fine company as Moak. Their passion for espresso will offer restaurant operators in the United States a premium espresso without the premium price. We have hired renown advertising agency Block & DeCorso, which specializes in food and beverage to launch our creative ad campaign to the foodservice industry to begin to build brand awareness of Caffé Moak.”

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Since the beginning, Moak has adopted the system of single roasting. That is every type of coffee bean is handled separately to reach its ideal roasting level so Moak can create balanced Arabica and Robusta blends with reference to taste, acidity and flavor. This process respects the characteristic taste and sensory qualities of every bean varietal and consistently produces top quality coffee as the green seeds pass through all the roasting phases from the green seeds to the finished blend.

Moak Espresso is a creamy coffee blend with an extraordinary flavor with nuances of cocoa, honey and licorice. The flavor of its aftertaste is long lasting. Restaurant operators can purchase Caffé Moak in beans, ground or convenient pods.

For more information or product samples of Caffé Moak contact Charlie Mastropaolo or Jenn Costas at Design Foods, 516-802-7727.