Buzzword: Retention (Of Your Staff)

restaurant staff retention
Article contributed by Mike Hewitt, Founder of One Haus and Farm To Turntable

There is a lot of talk about the shortage of staff in our industry. Non-committed chefs, complacent managers, rampant lack of skill set and standards. As our industry shifts and the environment changes, expectations on both employer and candidate have adapted to this new reality.

“It’s not easy finding talent. Untapped, enthusiastic bright-eyed true hospitalitarians”.

But they are out there. And today they have many ways to search for their next home. Different mediums, avenues, resources to tap into their desired role and city. That’s just half the battle though. That’s the easy part. How do you keep them there? The “burden” of retention falls on the employer, well before the candidates start date, to reassure them their venue is indeed their desired long-term home.

At One Haus we have preached about this for years now. The employer’s promise during the interview process should resemble, as closely as possible, to the actual role interviewed for. Sounds easy enough, but seldom is this the case. Client bait & switches, exaggerated roles and titles, unrealistic growth promises and unachievable bonus structures are too common these days. Worse yet, harassment, unsustainable schedules, illegal labor law practices and other unacceptable practices are surprisingly still alive today.

We discuss turnover as it relates to clients, not candidates. We meticulously and consistently improve the quality of the clients we work with, eliminating ones at the bottom displaying the above mentioned short-sighted approach to retention and team development.

The time for employers to look in the mirror is here, with a constructive self-criticism and internal review of their practices. Competition for top talent (as limited as this tier is nowadays) should and must breed improvement of employers onboarding, perks, competitive advantages, and career development.

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We brought you the talent, now what are you doing to keep it there?

We believe this is a change in the market that clients (the good ones!) shouldn’t have to navigate on their own. One Haus and Empowered Hospitality have teamed up to assist in this process. Our very own Retention Specialist will continue the process, ensuring our candidates are set up for success, through a smooth transition, and in good hands. At no extra cost to our clients.

One Haus Principal & Headhunter Mike Hewitt has over twenty years of experience in the hospitality industry, ranging from operations, brand development, human resources, consulting and recruiting . With this extensive insight ranging from fine dining to fast casual, large restaurant groups to single mom & pop operations, Mike brings a deep understanding of operator  needs, having been there once himself. Mike’s approach to recruiting focuses on assessing company culture and honing in on a particular candidates’ specific skill set to make the match. He has a post graduate degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management from the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne.